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‘Gold Rush’ Drops Ice-Cold Teaser As the Rush Begins Again Tonight

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Alexander KolbasovTASS via Getty Images)

The ground might be frozen, but the hunt for gold is heating up. Gold Rush dropped a teaser video of the upcoming, brand new season premiering tonight at 8 p.m. on Discovery. As the mine bosses return to Klondike, they’re preparing for the most difficult and dramatic fight yet. Each year brings less ground to mine and more competitors hoping to cash in on the gold industry. Now, the stars will have to get creative to find their next source of income in the frozen landscape of Yukon.

“The Yukon River is huge,” mine boss Tony Beets explained at the start of the sneak-preview clip. “Nearly 2,000 miles long, and for six months out of the year, it is frozen solid.”

During these months, the ground is quite literally impenetrable, no matter what equipment the Gold Rush crews might have. However, underneath the thick layer of ice lays a rich source of gold. So, when the conditions are suitable for mining, these stars have to act fast. Otherwise, they’ll lose land opportunities to their competitors.

“When it starts to crack, that’s the sign,” Beets continued, referring to the Yukon River. “You know it is time to get going. The gold rush starts again.”

Watch the bone-chilling video below.

‘Gold Rush’ Stars Prepare Themselves for a Tough Mining Season

One of Tony Beets’ most formidable competitors on Gold Rush is 27-year-old Parker Schnabel. Despite the fact that Beets has literally decades of experience on the young mine boss, Schnabel has still proven himself a worthy opponent. Time and again, Schnabel has shown that he knows when to take a risk and how to command an efficient team.

“There’s a war for ground in the Yukon,” Schnabel expressed in the recent clip. “All the good ground’s tied up. That’s why we’re digging deeper than ever.”

Despite the new challenges, Schnabel stressed the importance of keeping a cool head.

“As soon as you start getting desperate, people can smell it on you,” the Gold Rush star explained while driving his truck. “And that’s dangerous.”

Meanwhile, good friend and fellow mine boss Rick Ness wanted no part of the battle for land along the river. Instead, he stayed on drier parts for his excavations. With no crew but a ton of determination, Ness hopes to catch up to Schnabel and Beets’ continued success with a goal of 2,000 ounces of gold.

That leaves newcomer Fred Lewis, a retired Green Beret pursuing his newfound passion for mining on Gold Rush. Like Ness, Lewis hopes to win big this season to make up for past losses. However, he also has a more altruistic motive.

“For me, right now,” Lewis explained, “Mining is more than just gold. I’m on a mission to make a better life for my all-veteran crew.”