‘Gold Rush’ New Episode Preview Teases Todd Hoffman’s Team Closing in on $1 Million This Season

by Taylor Cunningham

Mine boss Todd Hoffman may reach his $1 million goal on the next installment of his Gold Rush spinoff Hoffman Family Gold. But judging by the recent episode promo, it won’t be easy.

In the minute-long clip, Gold Rush shows the Hoffmans in a battle with the elements. Their Mammoth Valley Mine spot is turning into a profitable venture, but weather and failing equipment are giving the crew some trouble.

However, they’re still celebrating a few wins.

“The washplant is leaking and the equipment is squeaking,” Hunter Hoffman says. “But at least we’re running dirt.”

When they got to the site, the plants were broken down. And they had to make some fast repairs to get back to work. But now, they’re making some headway towards their ultimate cash goal after finding gold-rich pay dirt. And they’re tallying ounces at an impressive rate.

As the show reveals, their recent good luck could earn them another 235 ounces, which would mean they’d rake in $1 million this season. But to do so, both of their plants need to keep functioning. And since they’ve already broken down once, that may not happen.

In fact, the equipment has already started to decline rapidly, according to the promo. And so are their relationships.

“We need this equipment running, period,” mine owner Jason Otteson says.

“I don’t wanna talk anymore,” Hoffman responds.

Todd Hoffman Launched his Gold Rush Spinoff For his Father, Jack

But despite the high-stakes drama, Todd Hoffman is determined to make his Gold Rush spinoff take flight. And he knows he’s going to bring in the money.

The reality star actually left his original spot with the Discovery Channel show in 2011 to chase a singing career and focus on his production business, Gold Standard TV. But he headed back to the screen this year to honor his dad’s dream.

“My father wants to mine gold more than he wants to do anything else in the world,” Todd told Forbes in March. “He’s 77 years old. He has been such a great father. He has been such a great husband. He loves his family. And it’s like for me and Hunter, it’s like—I want to make my father’s dream come true.”

And because of that respect and shared passion, Todd launched Hoffman Family Gold with his dad Jack and son Hunter. The family also picked up crew members Jim Thurber, Andy Spinks, and Randy Hubler.

Of course, the Hoffmans already completed filming the entire first season. But they won’t even hint if they dug up their million. However, Todd did share that we’re in for a unique treat as the story unfolds.

“What is discovered up there has never been seen before,” he admitted. “That’s all I can probably say about that part of it, but pretty crazy.”