‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Said Rick Ness Was the ‘Last Guy’ He Expected to Be Mining: Here’s Why

by Joe Rutland

Parker Schnabel of “Gold Rush” fame had an idea, Outsiders, to get fellow miner Rick Ness out of his comfort zone. What an idea, too.

Back in 2017, Schnabel was given the opportunity to have his own short series called “Parker’s Trail.” When he was putting together cast members, he picked out Ness? Why would he choose someone like Rick? Well, the gold-mining wonder kid had some answers in a People magazine article.

Before going out on his own, Rick Ness worked as a foreman on Schnabel’s team.

Outsiders, would you believe Ness needed some encouragement to be a part of his old boss’ show? It definitely happened.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Had To Get Ness On Show To ‘See What Happens’

“Rick is the opposite type of guy for this,” Schnabel said. “He smokes like a chimney, drinks [a] pile of beer … his type of workout is to lift a pile of weights and he does not do cardio.”

Schnabel also said Ness “likes being comfortable and he’s really the last guy who should be doing something like this, but I wanted to get him out of his comfort zone and see what happens.”

So Ness and Schnabel worked together for this short documentary series on The Discovery Channel.

What about “Gold Rush” and its future? Why don’t you head over to Discovery right here and watch last season’s episodes? Get yourself ready for a new season starting on Sept. 24.

Schnabel and Ness will lead their separate teams to seek a golden fortune in Alaska.

Schnabel Said This Person Led Him To Skip College Education

Listen up, Outsiders. A bunch of us know how powerful education can be to a person that can go to college.

Parker Schnabel was headed in that direction, too. But there was one person who steered him toward working in the gold mines.

When you find out, this might surprise those “Gold Rush” fans out there.

“Well, my mom always hated the idea of me not going to college,” Schnabel said in an interview. “So, I always intended on going and not pissing her off. But then I met Tony Beets and went to the Yukon –”

But then Beets stepped in and couldn’t believe Schnabel was pinning the blame on him.

“You’re blaming me?” Beets said. Schnabel, though, went on to say that Beets was a scapegoat from Mom’s anger.

“Yes, now I blame Tony so Nancy can be pissed off at him!” Schnabel said. And that’s how the young miner ended up going for gold.

Beets and Schnabel can have a good laugh about that situation now. Both of them, though, will be out looking for more of the golden goodies in their work.