‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Left the Hit Mining Series Behind to Get His Singing Career Started

by Taylor Cunningham

In 2018, Gold Rush’s Todd Hoffman officially bid farewell to his mining career so he could chase his dream of singing.

The former mine boss walked after amassing around $10 million during an eight-season run, despite not being trained in his craft. And as he shared with ZUM Media, he had a good reason for leaving behind his lucrative career.

While staring on the hit docuseries, he’d gained a large following on social media. And he made a hobby of releasing original songs and covers to his fans. By doing so, he got noticed by some people in the industry.

“I’m actually starting to get some serious offers,” he admitted. “Laugh if you want.”

“Who knows?” he continued. “Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.”

Unfortunately, Todd Hoffman’s singing career hasn’t expanded past his youtube channel, and he hasn’t posted many music videos since 2021. However, he has had some luck with his other passion project.

Todd Hoffman Left ‘Gold Rush’ to Start a Singing Career and Grow his Production Company

Upon leaving Gold Rush, the star also shared that he wanted to spend more time on his television production company, Gold Standard.

By working with the Discovery Channel series, he admittedly “learned a ton about how to do things in television.” So in 2016, he partnered with producer Jose Behar and started his own business.

“After creating Gold Rush and spending thousands of hours on crafting entertaining and inspiring stories, as well as unforgettable characters on television, we are excited to launch Gold Standard TV to produce projects with the same worldwide appeal,” he said in a statement.

The duo’s very first project was a show called Prodigal, which was a Hoffman original. And more recently, he worked on a documentary titled NASA & SpaceX: Journey to the Future.

And while Hoffman has only found small successes with his company. He hasn’t doubted his choice to walk away from his Gold Rush fame.

“You feel a little jaded,” he said after leaving the show. “Reality TV has its good points. It also has its bad parts. Sometimes, reality TV can damage the way it’s all put together, the secret sauce so to speak. It can damage relationships. And there was some damage in the relationship between me and [my son] Hunter. It was just time.”

The miner did head back to the screen for two spinoff series, Gold Rush: The Dirt and Hoffman Family Gold. But he’s managed to stay away from mainstream drama while earning some new riches.