‘Gold Rush’: Todd Hoffman Speaks Out About ‘Damage’ in Relationships That Led to Series Exit

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly four years after leaving Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman is opening up about the damage in relationships that led to his departure from the hit Discovery Channel series.

During a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Todd Hoffman revealed why he has no regrets about his decision to leave Gold Rush. “Reality TV has its good points. It also has its bad points. Sometimes, reality TV can damage the way it’s all put together. The secret sauce so to speak.”

However, the Gold Rush alum admitted that reality TV can be damaging to relationships. “There was some damage in the relationship between me and [my son] Hunter. It was just time.”

Todd Hoffman further explained that he and his crew felt that they were getting pushed over into the corner of Gold Rush. This, in return, made him feel a little jaded. “When you do feel that way, you have to choose family first. You can’t just stay on a show, and you’re hurting your relationships. You pick your family first.”

After considering the importance of his relationships with family members, Todd Hoffman stated it was time to move on from Gold Rush. “We needed a break. Having your kids grow up in front of a TV is not exactly healthy at all for every family.”

‘Gold Rush’ Alum Todd Hoffman Talks About His Upcoming Reality Series 

Although he left Gold Rush and has since moved out of Colorado, Todd Hoffman is now preparing to return to TV with his new Discovery Channel series Hoffman Family Gold. The upcoming series will focus on Hoffman’s family life in Alaska and the family member’s hopes of “striking it rich.”

Speaking about the series, Hoffman stated he and his family are going to go at a slower pace from Gold Rush. “It shows our family and how we really do care about each other. We do care more about how we get our gold than just how much gold we get while treating everybody badly. It’s just a different experience.”

Although he believes everyone’s going to love it and his family is thankful for the new experience, when it came to reality TV, Hoffman said he wants the show to focus on non-mining topics. “I said I’ll come back. I’ve been looking at mining and everything has lined up. But it needs to be at a slower pace.”

Hoffman also had one more requirement from the network for the upcoming series. Which was it needs to feel more like a live experience and focused on his family. “I also said, ‘You can’t cut our faith out. You’ve gotta let my vision shine through.’ And they were gracious enough to give me that chance. So we’re back with the family.”