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‘Grease’ Actor Eddie Deezen Arrested After Causing Restaurant Disturbance

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

“Grease” actor Eddie Deezen reportedly made a scene at a restaurant, leading to his arrests on three charges Thursday.

Police said the “Grease” actor faces charges of second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing at a LaVale restaurant.

Reportedly, Deezen would not leave the restaurant and caused some chaos when law enforcement approached the scene.

Deezen, who played the annoying nerd Eugene Felsnic in the original “Grease,” also had roles in “1941” and “WarGames.” Felsnic played Florczyk in both “Grease” and “Grease 2.”

According to IMDB, Deezen has been married since 1984 to Linda George. Other websites say the couple was previously married. Deezen also reportedly lives in Hollywood, Calif., according to his website.

‘Grease’ Actor’s Wild Scene

Deezen hid behind a woman in a booth and would not go with the police when asked to leave. Police also said the actor threw items at them, including plates, bowls, and food. Police took Deezen from the restaurant by force as an item hit one deputy.

LaVale is a suburb of Cumberland, Md. Deezen was born in Cumberland in 1957.

TMZ obtained photos after the incident with cops checking a shirtless Deezen outside the restaurant.

Another bizarre June incident involved a woman who served him a lunch weekly. According to Pop Culture, the “Grease” actor had a strange Facebook post about her appearance and fake eyelashes. The news site mentioned that Deezen liked the fake lashes and was angry when she did not wear them.

The waitress, Kara Lashbaugh, called out Deezen’s harassment on social media, saying he was an “f-ing creep.” She also related that he would ask about her work schedule and leave the restaurant if she didn’t dress according to his preference. The waitress said that it involved makeup.

“And this grown a- old man has the balls to post this on Facebook about me. I’m losing my mind,” the waitress said on Twitter.

The incident got Deezen into hot water with his public relations manager.

Steve Joiner told Fox News that he dropped his client.

 “It’s creepy what he did,” Joiner said of the “Grease” actor. “I think it’s immoral. I think it’s sexist, and it’s unconscionable. All this young lady is trying to do is work support herself, and the last thing she needs is a grown man in his 60s doing something like that.”

“Grease” Actor Recently

The “Grease” actor, who started as a standup comedian, has voiced roles in radio, movies, and television commercials. He was in the 2004 flick “The Polar Express.”

According to his website, he had the role of Pop of Snap, Crackle and Pop fame for the Rice Krispies cereal. He was also Nacho, the mascot for Taco Bell’s kid’s meal commercials.

Deezen said he lost out to Gilbert Gottfried for the role of the Aflac Duck in 2011.