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‘Happy Days’: Chachi Actor Scott Baio was Salma Hayek’s First Celebrity Crush

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Evan Agostini / Liaison Agency/Getty Images)

Actress Salma Hayek probably has a lot of crushes that want her, but who is her first celebrity crush? “Happy Days” star Scott Baio.

Hayek talks about it in a 2020 interview with The Associated Press.

“Chachi from ‘Happy Days,'” Hayek said when asked about that first celebrity crush. “That was his name, no, ‘Chachi’? Scott Baio.”

“Joanie Loves Chachi,” the AP reported said in response.

“Yeah, that one,” Hayek said. “And Salma loves Chachi,” the interviewer replied.

“Salma at 14 at least, yeah,” she said.

‘Happy Days’ Star First Appears As Recurring Character In Show’s Fifth Season

Scott Baio made his first appearance on “Happy Days” as Chachi Arcola as a recurring character in the show’s fifth season. He would become a regular cast member through the ABC sitcom’s sixth-ninth seasons.

“Joanie Loves Chachi” was one of a number of spin-offs from “Happy Days.” The show featured Joanie Cunningham, played by Erin Moran, and her relationship with Chachi, who is the younger cousin of Fonzie, played by Henry Winkler.

The sitcom covered the couple’s relationship focusing on their years as musicians in Chicago. It finished among the Top 20 TV shows in its first season, but ABC believed that “Joanie Loves Chachi” would not maintain its success if moved. It was canceled after just one season, and Baio and Moran would go back to join “Happy Days” as part of the main cast.

Among movies in Hayek’s portfolio include “Desperado,” “Wild Wild West,” “Frida,” and “Beatriz at Dinner.”

“Happy Days” was on ABC for 11 seasons and featured Ron Howard, Winkler, Marion Ross, and Tom Bosley as the show’s top stars. Others on the show included Anson Williams, Don Most, Pat Morita, and Al Molinaro.

Scott Baio had developed quite a following for his Chachi character on “Happy Days.” But he almost lost his steady gig.

Why? Baio talked about it in an interview with AVClub.com.

He reportedly wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do on the show.

“And I was very close to getting fired from that show because I wasn’t doing my job,” Scott Baio said in 2014. “I thought the screaming audience was enough, and it wasn’t. But because I thought it was, I stopped taking my job seriously. I stopped rehearsing, I stopped performing to my ability, and they were thinking of getting rid of me.”

It took show creator Garry Marshall to keep him in the cast. He made sure that Baio would have time to get over his struggles and remain with the show.

“But Garry said, ‘No, let him get through this,'” Baio said. “And I did.”