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‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn Marks 30th Anniversary of Show’s Premiere With Classic Pic

by Kati Michelle
(Getty Images/Handout)

In the realm of classic 90s American television sitcoms, first there was “Full House” with Outsider favorite Candace Cameron Bure. Shortly thereafter came “Home Improvement” starring the likes of Tim Allen by Richard Karn’s side. The two series’ really showcased what it was like growing up in a typical American family during those times. They were wholesome, entertaining, and at times, emotional. Coming up on the 30th Anniversary of the “Home Improvement” premiere, Richard Karn decided to mark the special occasion by sharing a classic throwback pic from the show’s original cast all those years ago.

Now, it’s no secret that much of Richard Karn’s success came from the show. After all, it continues to hold the elite title of one of the most beloved American sitcoms of all time. The thing is, Karn has always remained humble about those roots. That’s seen even in the caption of his latest photo. It shows him and Tim Allen sandwich-ing Patricia Richardson in an affectionate embrace.

The caption earnestly reads: “Thirty years ago!!! Home Improvement premiered 30 years ago!!! Thank you Matt, David and Carmen for including me in the incredible experience.”

Fans in the comments are sharing their favorite sitcom moments, and many are now at an age where they get to share the show with their own children.

For example, @drum_ear writes: “This show is still phenomenal. I remember watching it as a kid on TGIF, and now I get to watch reruns with my six-year-old.”

You can check out the classic snap for yourself down below and feel free to also tweet us your favorite “Home Improvement” memory:

What’s Richard Karn Been Up To Anyway?

Since his days as Al Borland in “Home Improvement,” Richard Karn actually boasts an ongoing entertainment resume. He tried his hand at the gameshow community with a couple of stints on “Family Feud” and “Bingo America.” He also appeared in a couple of different installations within the “Air Bud” saga. Between his different filming projects, he also likes to golf and add to a growing collection of golf memorabilia.

Actually, he stays connecting with fans, too. The star recently took to Twitter to announce a partnership with the organization “Get C & P.” This stands for “Get Close and Personal with Your Hero.” The actor promises one-on-one calls for a fee.

If details are what you’re looking for, we’ve got ’em right here, folks: