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 ‘I Love Lucy’ Complete Series Is Now Available to Stream: How to Watch

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

I Love Lucy fans, rejoice! Lucille Ball’s hit series is now available in its entirety through streaming service Paramount+.

According to The Streamable, I Love Lucy is now completely available following the premiere of Being the Ricardos. All six seasons and 180 episodes are on the Paramount+ catalog. It was also noted that until now, parts of the series had been available on Hulu and Prime Video. However, Hulu only has 102 episodes while Prime Video has 40 with the option to purchase 62 more episodes. 

Per IMDb, I Love Lucy follows the wife of a bandleader who constantly tries to become a star. This ambition is in spite of her not having any talent. She manages to get herself, as well as her best friend, into the funniest predicaments along the way. The series ran from 1951 to 1957 and starred Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivan Vance, and William Frawley.

Lucille Ball Revealed She Almost Died While Filming One of the Most Memorable Moments in ‘I Love Lucy’

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that during a 1974 interview on The Dick Cavett Show, Lucille Ball admitted she almost died while filming one of the most memorable moments of her hit series, I Love Lucy. 

Ball revealed that in the show’s 1956 episode, Lucy’s Italian Movie, where the actress was supposed to be in a simulated fight between herself and Teresa Tirelli, she thought was going to be killed. Tirelli notably only spoke Italian. 

“[Tirelli] was told that there would be a fight,” the I Love Lucy actress recalled. “And it was also explained to her that there were times when my legs had to come up in this huge vat of real grapes. I slipped and when I slipped, I hit her, accidentally. And she took offense. So, she hauled off and let me have it. It took all the wind out of me.”

Although the fight was only supposed to take both actresses down into the vat. The shot got Ball with her legs up in the air as the two struggled. However, Tirelli was angry and really fighting. “She kept me down by the throat,” Ball continued. “And she was choking. And I am really beating her to get her off. I was growing in these grapes. She was killing me.”

After finally getting Tirelli off of her and calling to the director, the I Love Lucy actress stated the director actually didn’t know that it was a real fight. He just assumed he was getting comedy gold. “She spent so much time beating the hell out of me in the vat. We had to cut half of it. To drown in a vat of grapes was not the way I had planned to go.”