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Iconic ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Home Available for Vacation Rental

by Madison Miller
Photo credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

“All good things to those who wait” was some creep, yet eerily helpful advice, given by Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the Oscar-winning thriller “Silence of the Lambs” from 1991.

Now, for those who have been waiting to get inside the house featured in the disturbing movie, your time has come. It’s been a long 30 years, but it may just be worth it.

The Queen Anne Victorian house in western Pennsylvania was used as Buffalo Bill’s home in the “Silence of the Lambs.” For those who have seen the movie, Buffalo Bill is the nickname for a psychotic serial killer that hunts down young women and kills them. After he does so, he removes their skin as a trophy of sorts.

One of the most iconic horror scenes of all time comes from that spooky, dated home from the 1991 film. Buffalo Bill has on a pair of night-vision goggles as he stalks Clarice Starling all throughout the home and eventually into a dark root cellar.

The scene is one of the most iconic to ever appear in the horror genre. Instead of a normal widescreen, viewers are watching Jodie Foster’s character through the dark green goggle lens. The epic ending scene is full of adrenaline and fear that you can almost physically feel emanating from the screen. Buffalo Bill lurks behind her creepily the entire time. Suddenly, she notices a moth land on a spool of thread and instantly knows she’s with the killer. She epically draws her gun and fires multiple times, hitting him right in the chest.

Stay in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ House

If visiting the place in which “Silence of the Lambs” comes to an epic end is on your bucket list, then it’s your lucky day. Fans can now wander, touch, imagine, and sleep in this old house used for the movie. According to Forbes, the house is now a boutique vacation rental home. Movie lovers can rent out the house for a night, weeks, or as long as they want as long.

“I couldn’t believe the house was for sale. I jumped at the chance to buy it and can’t wait to open it later this year as a boutique accommodation and cinematic destination … know film aficionados will also jump at the chance to stay in the house where the audience first meets Buffalo Bill up close,” the owner of the house, Chris Rowan, said in February 2021.

His plan was also to make the property available for other TV and movie projects. That way the Buffalo Bill horror house could live on forever, although, likely not nearly as terrifying. The house is three stories and was built close to 1910. It is seated on 1.7 acres of property and is only 30 miles from Pittsburgh.

The four-bedroom house can sleep about eight brave visitors. Also included in the experience are a wraparound porch, fireplaces, a clawfoot tub, a train caboose, and a swimming pool. If you watched the ending of “Silence of the Lambs” recently, you’ll remember many of the house’s key features. The wraparound porch, the foyer, the dining room, and, of course, the basement are all featured.

If you want more than just to spend the night, Rowan is hoping to have more immersive experiences soon. That will include a night-vision goggle experience that may be a little too reminiscent of that psychologically terrifying scene.