‘Jeopardy!’ Challenges Fans to Answer ‘Movie Time’ Category Featured in New Episode

by Leanne Stahulak

Think you know your film history? “Jeopardy!” wants to put viewers to the test and hype and them up for tonight’s episode.

The game show posted a sneak peek of one of tonight’s category clues on Instagram last night. Several people took to the comments to take their best guesses, with a surprising number answering them correctly. We’ll have to see how our contestants fare tonight.

“Calling all film buffs! It’s MOVIE TIME,” the game show captioned the post.

Ironically, this might be a “Jeopardy!” category that reigning champion Matt Amodio struggles with. The 26-day champ admitted in a recent interview with “The Ringer” that pop culture is his weakest topic on the game show. Luckily for him, most of these “Movie Time” clues focus on films from the 1930s to the 2000s.

But when Amodio had a break over the summer before filming started for the new season, he buckled down on studying his pop culture.

“Where I know I’m weakest is pop culture,” Amodio said. “And that meant that I was able to be productive this summer by sitting down and watching a lot of recent Netflix stuff and listening to top Billboard songs that I would not normally be giving the time of day. I was consuming pop culture like a teenager who was in the middle of an angsty period.”

A very vivid picture we can probably all relate to. But it’s good that Amodio isn’t afraid to name his weaknesses because it’ll only help him conquer them all the quicker. And the quicker he conquers his weaknesses, the quicker he can overtake the “Jeopardy!” records set by James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings.

Current ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Plays His Way to the Top of the Leaderboard

At 26 wins, Amodio only has 7 more games to go to beat second-place record-holder James Holzhauer. Though he’ll still be a long way from beating the all-time record set by “Jeopardy” GOAT Ken Jennings at 74 wins.

Amodio’s already made history though by snatching the third-place title. Previously held by Julia Collins with 20 straight wins, the third-place record now stands at 26 with Amodio. And it doesn’t look like he’s letting up anytime soon.

Although, the “Jeopardy!” champ admitted that competing in five straight matches a day, against new, fresh competitors, can take its toll.

“Having to go for a full day, ride the energy all day with all that enthusiasm, and then knowing that you have to go to sleep early and then wake up early to be ready to do it all again—it’s tough,” Amodio told The Ringer. “I think that’s one of the reasons why you have so few long-term champions right there, where even if the game weren’t also changing underneath you with new questions, that physical aspect is really tough.”