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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Couldn’t Care Less Who’s Hosting as He Continues Historic Run

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio continues to make history, winning his 22nd consecutive game on Thursday. Having the third-best streak ever, he says he doesn’t care who hosts.

Amodio tweeted earlier in the week “tied with Julia Collins… unbelievable. I would say #Jeopardy dreams do come true, but at this point I’m way beyond anything I dreamt!” This excitement seems to keep him focused on the show, rather than who the host is.

The New York Post reports Amodio is ignoring the fact he has “moved on to [a] fourth host” among the controversy the show recently faced. In fact, Amodio couldn’t care less who the face of the show is while he’s there. “Frankly, the last thing I’m thinking about when I’m in the middle of a game is who’s hosting.”

A 30-year-old Yale Ph.D. student, Amodio’s winnings now stand at a staggering $775,401. Despite how impressive his winnings and his victory streak are, he still has a ways to go to catch the people in front of him. James Holzhauer won 32 games in 2019, while the undisputed champion Ken Jennings sports an incredible 74 wins in 2004.

Matt Amodio Answers Questions From ‘Jeopardy!’ Social Media Accounts

Matt Amodio has been making waves in the Jeopardy! fandom for weeks now. As such, the show’s social media accounts asked the champion a series of questions and have been sharing them.

With his name garnering so much attention, the show’s social media asked Amodio if he’d heard from any celebrities. After hearing from Ken Jennings, the current champ “melted to the ground,” being so happy.

“I got a tweet, which I will count, from Ken Jennings. I have not heard from him personally, but he acknowledged my existence on Twitter. And I melted to the ground as soon as I saw that. There’s nobody I respect in the Jeopardy! community, but probably the world, as Ken Jennings and so that was just a treat.”

While the shoutout from Jennings made his day, Amodio amusingly says he also thrives off of fan negativity. The comments and such he regularly faces on social media seem to inspire him, more than hurt. “I get a lot of ‘What’s Matt’ and I think they’re trying to be mean but I’ve just kind of taken it on my own so it feeds me. I like it.”

Regarding advice for succeeding on Jeopardy!, Amodio’s answer is straightforward: read. “Read. That’s the best advice I could give anybody. Read if you find it mildly interesting, read more about it. If you don’t find it mildly interesting, read more about it. You just need to know more and then you will find that interesting too.”