‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Freak Out After Contestant Forfeits Final Round, Gives Joke Answer

by Leanne Stahulak

“Jeopardy!” fans loved the hilarious response from one contestant during the final round of the game show. New York sportscaster Mike Janela knew he had no way of winning the competition, so he used his answer to make everyone laugh instead.

Janela went into the final round with the lowest amount at $1,800. His competitors, Mattea Roach and Reagan White, had earned $16,400 and $11,600 respectively. He saw no chance of coming back from that large of a gap, so Janela put something completely unexpected for his response.

The “Final Jeopardy!” clue, per The Sun, read “Patented in 1955, it did not go over well in the high-end fashion world but the then-new aerospace industry found it very useful.”

Think you know the answer? It’s, “What is Velcro?”

Surprisingly, none of the contestants answered correctly. White put pantyhose, while Roach put nylon. But Janela answered, “What is I’m going to lose but the Mets will win it all this year?”

Host Mayim Bialik and the rest of the studio audience let out a laugh at the response. Clearly, Janela is a huge Mets fan and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it. And who knows, perhaps he’s manifesting something great for the New York baseball team this season.

After the episode aired, “Jeopardy!” fans took to social media to share their thoughts on Janela’s humorous answer.

“Mike had the best final jeopardy answer ever! Let’s go Mets!! #Jeopardy,” one fan named Domme Whisperer tweeted that night.

Another fan named Brittany shared a photo of Janela’s response and said, “Ok, Mike, we fellow delusional #Mets fans see you.”

Janela himself took to Twitter later and quote tweeted the New York Mets page after their opening day win. “I tried telling y’all on national TV tonight: 162-0,” Janela captioned the tweet. He later followed it up with a screenshot from his “Final Jeopardy!” answer and said he was “2-0.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Slam Social Media and How Fans Interact Online

In the above case, “Jeopardy!” fans used social media for good while celebrating Mike Janela’s hilarious answer. But in other cases, fans online can get highly heated and critical of the game show.

We saw this first-hand last fall, when “Jeopardy!” struggled to name a permanent host. Pushback from fans caused Mike Richards to resign from the hosting job after his previous scandals emerged online.

Mayim Bialik, who has taken over hosting duties with Ken Jennings in the interim, spoke with The Daily Beast about the hosting issues and how social media influences them.

“It is a huge thing to lose Alex [Trebek] – not just for the larger community, but for the ‘Jeopardy!’ community,” Mayim Bialik told the outlet. “It’s a huge loss. And it’s a completely different media landscape now.”

She added, “We have the complete ability to have access to people. And as I’ve experienced, you can have people pass around a piece of information that’s not true on Twitter and it can grow exponentially. I think ‘Jeopardy!’ was a perfect example of all the things that can go wrong in terms of social media. And the [mis]handling by social media of certain information that normally people would know very little about.”