‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Adamantly Wants to Be on Show Full Time: ‘No Other Job I’d Rather Have’

by Samantha Whidden

Although Mayim Bialik previously stated that due to work schedule conflicts she couldn’t be Jeopardy!’s full-time host, the former Big Bang Theory star is now saying it’s really the one job she really wants. 

During a new interview with Glamour magazine, Bialik admitted there is no other job she’d rather have than the full-time Jeopardy! host. “I love my sitcom work, I do. I love all the other things I do. I love the podcast. But I absolutely have never had a better job.”

Bialik also stated that the only other time in her life that she said there’s no better job was when she was on the Big Bang Theory. “People were like, ‘Do you want it to end?’ And I said, ‘No. There’s no other job that’s been better than this.’ But I have to say, the use of my brain and my skillset feels best suited by this job on Jeopardy!”

Bialik then stated that Jeopardy! is a dream job for everyone, especially her. She also described the hosting gig as a special experience. “That being said, the amount of schedule juggling, which I’m currently doing right now is maddening.”

Bialik also noted that it takes a lot of humans and a lot of calendars and a lot of figuring out the Jeopardy! hosting schedule. She would like to believe that it could have been done, but there’s also a lot of other pieces that she wasn’t part of knowing about.

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings Team Up to Host ‘Jeopardy!’ For the Rest of the Year

As previously reported, Bialik is the host of Jeopardy!’s specials. Mike Richards was originally set to host for the daily games but due to Richards officially stepping down from the full host gig, Bialik and Jeopardy! champ, Ken Jennings, will now be taking on hosting duties for the rest of the year. 

Jeopardy! Confirmed the exciting news on Twitter last week. “Not sure if you’ve heard but @missmayim and @KenJennings are hosting me until the end of the year. Everyone on the staff is supralunar.”

The Jeopardy! team further announced that beginning this week, Bialik is hosting several weeks of episodes, which will air through November 5th. After that, Bialik and Jennings will split hosting duties as their schedules allow through the end of the calendar year.

On the Monday (September 20th) episode of Jeopardy! Bialik took the stage as host and said she was honored to be a part of game show’s family. “And there his no place I’d rather be than right here with these amazing contestants.”

Jeopardy! current champion, Matt Amodio, made his return on the Monday night episode.