‘Jeopardy!’ Paid Dr. Oz a Massive Amount for His Guest-Hosting Stint: Here’s How Much

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Since longtime “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek’s demise in November of 2020, Sony, the beloved game show’s production company, has had a difficult time nailing down a permanent host. Months into 2022, we still don’t know who the game show will name permanent host. And while “Call Me Kat” actress Mayim Bialik and “Jeopardy!” icon Ken Jennings have been sharing hosting duties throughout this season, audiences tuned in last year as television personality Dr. Oz temporarily claimed the role which, reportedly, earned the guest-starring host quite a boatload of cash.

Before “Jeopardy!” assigned Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings a shared role in hosting the show, fans watched as producers auditioned a variety of guest stars in their efforts to replace Alex Trebek. Dr. Oz happened to be one of those guest-starring hosts, and though his stint on the show lasted just two weeks, the New York Post reports it earned him a paycheck of just under $270,000.

However, despite the generous pay, the outlet reports the entirety of Dr. Oz’s earnings went to an unspecified charity.

Interestingly, though, the outlet reports Dr. Oz’s role on “Jeopardy!” contributed to the mountains of controversy surrounding the game show last year. Apparently, the television personality didn’t exactly mesh well with game show fans and contestants alike.

Reportedly, during his two-week “Jeopardy!” stint, the Turkish-American doctor was caught making fun of contestants.

Additionally, “Jeopardy!” winner Emily Seaman said, “It was just odd. I don’t think he likes ‘Jeopardy!'”

Mayim Bialik Believes Social Media Has Changed How Fans Interact with ‘Jeopardy!’

While fulfilling the role of “Jeopardy!” host, Mayim Bialik has remained quite transparent regarding her role. And while she’s previously revealed her love for the show and those that she works with, she has been rather critical of social media and its influences on the show.

In speaking to The Daily Beast about Alex Trebek’s death, Bialik shared that losing the iconic host heavily impacted not just the “larger community,” but the “Jeopardy!” community specifically. She further added, “it’s a completely different media landscape now.”

She explained how social media has enabled fans and critics alike to more closely interact with the show, its contestants, and, especially, its hosts.

“We have the complete ability to have access to people,” Bialik said. “And as I’ve experienced, you can have people pass around a piece of information that’s not true on Twitter and it can grow exponentially.”

Of her role and the game show overall, Bialik continued, “I think ‘Jeopardy!’ was a perfect example of all the things that can go wrong in terms of social media. And the [mis]handling by social media of certain information that normally people would know very little about.”