‘Jeopardy!’ Tries Their Hand at the Daniel Craig Weekend Meme with Show’s Thursday Categories

by Jonathan Howard

Always keeping up with pop culture, Jeopardy! has two categories that encapsulate 007, a pop star, and one very popular meme. It all started when Daniel Craig hosted Saturday Night Live. His musical guest, The Weeknd, Canadian pop star. Ever since we have had a great meme.

Usually posted on Fridays, the meme is a simple gif or video of Craig announcing the musical guest. All hosts give the “Ladies and gentlemen…[Insert Music Act Here].” Rarely, are they ever as memorable as this one.

Jeopardy! usually leans into the latest and newest. Lately, that has included memes. They knocked it out of the park with this duo of categories.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a set of categories has had a theme. The show has a long and proud history of giving its categories current event-based names. Earlier in the year, before the French Open, they set up a tennis-themed board.

One of the best things Alex Trebek did was announce the category names. Whenever there was a theme or a pattern to them, his inflection and purpose just made the delivery great. Like any good joke or pun, the delivery is so important. Those little things are sorely missed without him behind the podium.

Meanwhile, Matt Amodio continues his streak. He has been on an absolutely legendary run. He is just a couple of wins from breaking the win-streak record of James Holzhauer. If he reached 33-wins, he will be second all-time. The run continues, and so does the story.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio 31-Game Streak

Just ahead of Amodio on the all-time win streak list is James Holzhauer. The former professional gambler and current host of The Chase won 32-games in a row before losing. He made a lot of money in the process, which he happily boasts over his fellow former champions.

One of the things that Holzhauer is known for, quick Twitter fingers. He is always one to get of a joke or a quick hit on a Jeopardy! contestant, host, or former champion. Even Amodio has been on the receiving end of one of Holzhauer’s tweets.

However, if Amodio is able to extend his streak on Jeopardy! and pass up the man in second, he would have a claim no one else besides Ken Jennings can make. That would come in handy in case Holzhauer ever sends another tweet his way. Even if he ends in 33 games, he can always just tweet back, “33”. That’s forever.

So, keep watching as Matt Amodio makes a run at the number two spot in wins all-time. Then he will just have to win about 41 more games in order to pass Ken Jennings. Yeah, that’s easier said than done. Let’s get to Amodio’s first 41 wins before we expect a run at the number one spot.