John Wayne Estate Announces New Podcast, Teases First Guest

by Joe Rutland

People, especially Outsiders, love John Wayne. Just when you think you have enough of “The Duke” these days, his estate adds more.

On Thursday, the official Instagram account for the Estate of John Wayne made an announcement while adding a photo of Wayne.

As you can tell, soon you will be able to hear more about him from guests. What a great way to keep “The Duke” in the forefront of fans’ minds with a podcast.

Wayne, of course, appeared in many movies throughout his illustrious career. If one looks back on his filmography, then you’ll find a lot of Westerns. But he also played in military films, too, like “In Harm’s Way,” “The Longest Day,” and “Sands of Iwo Jima.”

Among the many Westerns, he starred in “The Searchers,” “How the West Was Won,” “El Dorado,” and “The War Wagon.”

His final role had him play an aging gunfighter looking for one more piece of the action. “The Shootist” starred John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Ron Howard, Lauren Bacall, and Harry Morgan. The movie came out in 1976, but Wayne died after battling cancer on June 11, 1979, at 72 years old.

John Wayne Managed To Team Up With Ann-Margret For ‘The Train Robbers’

Wayne had many costars throughout his career, but the Estate of John Wayne shared a unique photo recently.

He starred in a movie alongside Ann-Margret. For music and film fans, they may connect Ann-Margret with her role next to Elvis Presley in “Viva Las Vegas.”

Well, the photo comes from INSP TV, “Your home for Westerns”. The photo they shared shows “The Duke” himself standing next to Ann-Margret.

“Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo of @johndukewayne and Ann-Margret on the set of The Train Robbers,” INSP captions the shot. This movie would not be among those main Wayne Westerns that would become a must-see when it shows up on TV. 

Yet are you going to skip a chance to see these two together? Probably not. That is what makes the movie even more fun.

Even today, Ann-Margret holds Wayne in high regard. But she was just a young star at the time who wanted to work with a hero of hers.

“I didn’t know what to expect. But when he hugged me, it’s like the world was hugging me,” she said of The Duke in a recent interview. “He was so big and wide with that booming voice.”

For “The Train Robbers,” she said, “We were shooting in Durango, Mexico and my parents came down to visit me. He was so great with my parents. So absolutely welcoming and gentle with them.”

Well, “The Duke” knew when to pour on that charm and Ann-Margret never forgot it.