John Wayne Estate Remembers Legendary Quentin Tarantino Quote About ‘Rio Bravo’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Quentin Tarantino paid the highest honor to one of the John Wayne classics. Did you know Rio Bravo is the perfect “hangout” movie?

The John Wayne estate, in a Sunday Instagram post, also brought up more Tarantino thoughts about the 1959 movie.

The estate posted a photo of The Duke, as Sheriff John Chance, pointing a rifle. The caption:

“Quentin Tarantino has said that before he enters into a relationship with a girl, he always shows her Rio Bravo. If she doesn’t like it… there’s no relationship!”

Tarantino Loved This John Wayne Movie Because He Got to Know Characters

Here’s why Tarantino is so enamored with Rio Bravo.

“There are certain movies that you hang out with the characters so much that they actually become your friends,” Tarantino said in 2007. “And that’s a really rare quality to have in a film…and those movies are usually quite long, because it actually takes that long of a time to get past a movie character where you actually feel that you know the person and you like them…when it’s over, they’re your friends.”

Tarantino loved the characters in Rio Bravo. And he also liked that it took an hour before the movie got to its basic plot. Before that, we’re introduced to John Wayne and his buddies. There’s also Dean Martin’s Dude, the deputy turned town drunk. And the movie features Ricky Nelson as a young gunfighter who goes by the nickname Colorado. Walter Brennan limps along as Stumpy. And the main female character is Feathers portrayed by Angie Dickinson. She’s the love interest for Wayne’s Chance.

Howard Hawk, Duke Collaborated On Rio Bravo

Howard Hawk directed Rio Bravo. He and John Wayne collaborated on so many terrific films. Red River was the first. That was back in 1948. El Dorado came along in 1966, followed by Rio Lobo. In his movies, you might’ve noticed that Wayne wore a Red River D brand belt buckle. Hawks gave him the belt buckle. Wayne wore it in other movies to honor his friendship with the director.

In Rio Bravo, John Wayne, along with Nelson, Martin and Brennan, holed up at the sheriff’s office. Wayne arrested the brother of powerful rancher Nathan Burdette, who killed a man. Wayne locked him up, then waited for Nathan’s men.

This John Wayne movie was set in Texas, but filmed in Tucson. And it was the John Wayne answer to Gary Cooper’s High Noon. Wayne thought that movie was “un-American.” Cooper waited on the bad guys, then killed them in a shoot out. He took off his badge, threw it on the ground and stepped on it. John Wayne said the movie didn’t ring true to him, so he remade the movie and called it Rio Bravo.

And now, Quentin Tarantino uses it to judge whether he should date a woman.