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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season 2 Premiere Recap

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” opened its second season on Thursday night with Detective Elliot Stabler going undercover.

Stabler, played by Christopher Meloni, starred in the opening episode called “The Man With No Identity.”

Richard Wheatley, played by Dylan McDermott, turned state’s evidence and all criminal counts were dropped. But Wheatley was taken back to his cell as he’s waiting to go on trial for the murder of Kathy Stabler, Elliot’s wife.

We soon, though, see Stabler with a unique look of shaved head and grayish goatee. He went undercover. Stabler took on the role of “Eddie Ashes,” an ex-con who is working with the Kosta Organization, an Albanian crime family and drug operation.

“Eddie Ashes” is the wheelman on the drug deal until it doesn’t work out. A fight breaks out between all the criminals and the police who show up. Well, Stabler gets arrested with the other gang members and goes to jail.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Episode Finds NYPD In Mess Over Albanian Drug Ring

No drugs are found on those arrested and they are set free. “Law & Order: Organized Crime” heats up in Episode No. 1. What happened? Some NYPD mess happens with the Albanian drug ring. Hmm. There’s some type of miscommunication within the department. That gives Bell another task as she will co-command a joint task force with Narcotics.

There’s another sticking point. The co-commander is her former boss, Sgt. Brewster. They do not get along.

Stabler goes to help Reggie discover who got the cocaine. It’s from a rival drug ring: “Marcy Killers.”

But Stabler of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” is able to have secret meetings with Bell and Slootmaekers.

Ironically, the Kosta Organization is out for revenge. They want the Marcy Killers dead, so they give everyone, including our man Stabler, big guns. The rogue dealer knows he’s a dead man. He contacts Mr. Webb, who is lunching with Congressman Kilbride.

No Shootout Between Rival Gangs Happens; Angela Wheatley Survived Attack

Webb intercedes. The Albanians nix an opening shootout, and Webb ends up at a backyard engagement party hosted by an Albanian bigshot named Albi. What happens? Webb avoids violence, gets those missing drugs back to the Albanians, and gets a new partnership between rival groups.

Albi turns to Reggie and asks if Stabler (“Eddie”) can be trusted. Reggie gives the OK; Albi ain’t buying it.

We also find out on “Law & Order: Organized Crime” that Angela Wheatley survived her attack. But she’s weak and her body isn’t working on all cylinders. She is at a safehouse and appears to really want to see Stabler. Bell brings up the idea of Angela testifying against Richard…at Kathy Stabler’s murder trial. That idea didn’t go over too well.