‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Breaks Down How Stabler Will Handle Going Undercover with Albanian Mob

by Jacklyn Krol

Law & Order: Organized Crime star Chris Meloni revealed how Stabler will handle the Albanian mob.

In a new interview, Meloni said that Eliot Stabler will be going undercover into the Albanian mob. But things apparently don’t go as planned. This season, they will give three separate stories with different villains to follow.

“We’re keeping Wheatley, Dylan McDermott’s character from season one just kind of alive. In the neighborhood. Because now that he’s on the sideline because he’s increased to go on trial, there’s a vacuum that has now created this vacuum wherein the illicit drug trade so the Albanians are getting in there and I have to figure out what else they got their hands into.”

Meloni said that Vinnie Jones’ character Albi is essentially the captain of the Albanian mob. Albi doesn’t like, trust, or want him in the organization.

“But things transpire where I get to learn a little bit about him,” he shared. “And he helps me in my time of need and I help him.”

“It’s not a buddy-buddy film by any stretch,” he clarified. “But it’s this I think begrudging respect for each other’s talents and our needs our mutual needs.

Meloni was a fan of Jones’ before he joined the cast of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

“When I heard it was him because I’ve been such a fan since his stint with Guy Ritchie [in Snatch],” he shared. “He’s such a wonderful storyteller and he’s just so game. It’s what you want as an actor. To come on big open heart open demeanor and you know just wants to play along with you.”

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ and Wheatley

McDermott has returned to play the role of Wheatley. Originally, he signed on just for the first season. He moved to a recurring character and signed on for the second season. His character is currently facing 25 years in prison for a list of major crimes.

McDermott told Parade,  about Wheatley’s mindset now that he has been jailed.

“A lot of these gangsters know they’ve got to go to jail,” he began. “They know that they’re going to do time here and there along the way. So I don’t think he’s surprised. I think he looks at it as temporary, and he will be getting out and be back to business again.”

When it comes to co-stars, Meloni couldn’t have been a better choice for him. McDermott said that they speak the same language. They even both attended the same acting school in New York, the Neighborhood Playhouse.

“I knew going into it that I would have to be formidable to go up against him,” he said. “We would talk about the scenes, and we’d go through them beat by beat.”