‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Channels Jon Voight in New ‘Midnight Cowboy’ Clip

by Kati Michelle

Dylan McDermott is achieving steady success for his villainous role as Richard Wheatley within the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” series. He stars alongside his Meloni-Stabler counterpart and gives him a hell of a time.

McDermott’s character is a dangerous, sly fox who knows exactly how to get what he wants. The character dresses sharp and often takes advantage of his wealth to carry out his evil rule over the city. McDermott’s acting branches far beyond that, however. Actually, he’s trading in his crisp suit and tie for denim and cowboy hats it seems. You heard that right. McDermott is channeling his inner Jon Voight and “Yellowstone” grit in his latest Instagram post.

A Classic Western Showdown

The post’s geo-tag is set to Austin, Texas, and Dylan McDermott tries to blend in with the local folk dressed in his country garb. Throughout the video skit, he stays a man of few words, letting his actions do all the talking.

The video starts with McDermott a ways down the sidewalk and shows him approaching the camera. At first, viewers can’t be sure if they’re about to witness a runway walk or a stand-off with the other country character on screen approaching McDermott from the opposite end of the sidewalk. The two proceed on their route, until they meet each other with force right in the middle. Despite the other character hilariously shoving McDermott out of the way, the star is able to keep his composure and finish the skit. He proceeds to finish his walk coming right up to the camera to give a full view of his outfit, before making an exit.

The dry humor is very well-done, aided by Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin'” in the background.

“Everybody’s talking at me / I don’t hear a word they’re saying / Only the echoes of my mind / People stopping, staring / I can’t see their faces / Only the shadows of their eyes / I’m going where the sun keeps shining / Through the pouring rain.”

Dylan McDermott’s Favorite Memory of Country Superstar

In talking to Andy Cohen, Dylan McDermott revealed one of his favorite country music memories of all time involving Dolly Parton. The star actually took on a role opposite her for Steel Magnolias back in 1989.

In the interview, McDermott jokes about the singer’s strong scent. He tells Cohen: “She mixes, like, seven different perfumes, so each and every time you walk into the room — at least I did, I almost fainted.” The 2019 segment comes from “Watch What Happens Live” and includes Brooke Shields alongside Dylan McDermott as well. The two take turns answering fan questions.

You can watch it right here: