‘Law & Order’ Star Camryn Manheim Opens Up About Her Role on the Revival Series

by Joe Rutland

Actress Camryn Manheim now finds herself in a new role as part of the Law & Order revival on NBC. She’s familiar with the franchise too. Manheim made appearances in the show’s early seasons. Now, though, Manheim is a full-time cast member and plays Lt. Kate Dixon on the NBC franchise show. She talks about being a part of Law & Order and how it plays a part in her own life.

‘Law & Order’ Actress Camryn Manheim Is Connecting With Her New Role

“It was everybody’s dream to be on Law & Order,” Manheim says. “It meant so much to the New Yorkers that Law & Order was filming on the streets and showing our beautiful city.” These days, you can tune in on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, and see her play the boss to a couple of detectives. Jeffrey Donovan and Anthony Anderson play them on the show.

“They’re excellent detectives, but she is able to kind of rein them in,” Manheim says. “And I think she walks this incredible line of keeping everybody happy.” We get more from Count On News 2. The most recent episode had the team led by Dixon looking to solve a case that was tough years earlier. In fact, Kate couldn’t solve it at all. “I feel like I now have a chance to make good on the mistake I made and give justice to a young person who deserves it,” Manheim says.

Manheim Also Has Bit Role On ‘This is Us’ Episode

The actress is back on Law & Order after a turn on This is Us as Jack’s cousin Debby. She helps Jack deal with his mom’s death. “Milo Ventimiglia, he is now my favorite Milo, and my son’s name is Milo, so that says a lot,” Manheim says. “He’s fantastic.”

Manheim is quite happy to be a part of this legendary show. “I’ve had at least a dozen friends call me to tell me how jealous they are,” Manheim says. “So I feel like I’m in the right place.” She is in the right place for a successful run. You can catch Law & Order on Thursday nights. It acts as the lead-in show for Law And Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime.

It might be something to note, too, that franchise creator Dick Wolf remembers actors. He’s the mastermind behind Law & Order and really did want the show to come back to network TV. Wolf has been known to bring actors that appeared on his shows back into the fold. This did happen with Manheim, too. Don’t be surprised if more former actors from the show’s original run pop up on there.