‘Law & Order: SVU’: Benson Promises to ‘Never Turn Her Back’ on a Victim in New Video

by Kati Michelle

Dick Wolf knows how to make a nail-biter. As one of the longest-running TV franchises out there, “Law & Order” fans also make up one of the most loyal fanbases you can find. This boils down to a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest factors involves the series’ casting. Trying to postulate a different Benson or Stabler? Downright Impossible. Even Mariska Hargitay says she felt the part deep in her soul during the casting process. Although she’s been a victim advocate since Day One, fans continue to see her push the limits to fight for what’s right. In the latest preview of what’s to come, a video shows Benson making a hefty promise. Here’s what she said.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Shows Dramatic Stand-off Between Benson and McGrath

“Law & Order: SVU” earned the title of the #1 Most-Watched Show the night of its premiere. As fans continue trying to analyze all the ins and outs of Benson and Stabler’s relationship, Benson faces conflict at work. The TV show’s official Twitter account just released a sneak peek of what’s to come, and the waters ahead look a little rough.

The video opens up with Olivia Benson in her office. The thorn in her side, McGrath, then comes in to exercise his authority. He takes a condescending tone with the beloved Captain and tells her to focus on the “real” problems. We see Benson visibly disgusted and shocked as she tries to process everything coming from McGrath’s mouth.

It’s a dramatic stand-off for sure, and it looks like Benson is just about to snap back. Instead, however, she holds her tongue and speaks with grace. She vows never to turn her back on a victim, despite what anyone else (we’re looking at you, McGrath) says. Before their meeting concludes, the villainous man reveals that she must now report to him. When asked if that will be a problem, Benson lets out a pained “no, sir.”

See for yourself here:

What Fans Are Saying

The tweet’s video immediately garnered fan intrigue. Many social media users flocked to the comments with powerful quotes that came from Benson in previous seasons. For example, fan account @hargitaybensons reminded everyone of the time Benson said the following: “We don’t blame victims here.”

@EO_lovechild spoke to the callousness of McGrath’s character saying that “there’s no one better for this job” was the only correct thing he said in his interactions with Benson.

At the end of the day, Benson knows how to handle herself and pick her battles. It seems this war must be fought cautiously, little by little like a game of chess. Like the rest of our Outsiders, we’re rooting for that checkmate.