‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Declares ‘Big A** Bat Day’ on Twitter, Is Fascinated by the Animals

by Caitlin Berard

The internet is an amazing place, full of every piece of information you could ever want to learn. It’s so amazing, in fact, that it’s all too easy to fall down a rabbit hole. One minute you’re scrolling through Twitter, the next you’re twenty articles deep in your impromptu bat research. And, well, that’s just what happened to Law & Order star Ice-T last night. We’ve all been there, Ice.

During his internet session, Ice-T found himself completely enthralled by the world of bats, and he shared his new fascination with his followers. In the first tweet, Ice-T posted a picture of a hammer-headed bat with the caption, “Imagine seeing that Big MF overhead coming at you at night.. I’d probably s–t myself. WTF?!”

While the hammer-headed bat does look closer to a kangaroo than the small brown or black bats many of us are used to seeing, it’s indeed a real species! Native to Africa, the megabat is the largest in the continent, with wingspans of up to 3 feet. Despite its somewhat off-putting appearance, it’s frugivorous, meaning its diet consists of only fruit.

In the next tweet, Ice-T declares April 16 “BIG A– BAT DAY” with an image of another megabat species, this one a type of flying fox. Ice-T comments that it looks like a person in a bat suit and he’s not totally incorrect. The flying fox is the largest species of bat in the world, with wingspans of almost 5 1/2 feet. Their wings are the only large part about them, however, as they only reach about one foot in body length.

Ice-T Recalls His First Lines as Finn Tutuola on ‘Law & Order’

While other Law & Order: SVU stars didn’t exactly recall their first lines with crystalline clarity, Ice-T will never forget his…because they involved an extremely awkward interaction. With a show as long-running as Law & Order, characters are bound to come and go. But when it came time to transition from Michelle Hurd to Ice-T on SVU, the writers thought it would be a good idea to address the elephant in the room in cannon.

In a video posted to the Law & Order YouTube channel, Ice-T recounted the scene. “My first lines ever on SVU,” Ice-T recalled. “I walked into the squad room, and I was taking [Michelle Hurd’s] job. She played a character, Jeffries.”

“And it was so cold because they wrote it into the script,” the Law & Order star continued. “I walked in, and I said something to her. And she said, ‘You’re here for my job.’ And I go, ‘That’s awkward.’ And she goes, ‘Imagine how I feel.’ And that was really her last line on the show.”

“Give SVU thumbs-up for being a very cold-blooded situation when it comes to getting rid of people,” Ice-T added while shaking his head.