‘Law & Order: SVU’: Was the Most Recent Episode the Show’s Darkest to Date?

by Megan Molseed

Law & Order: SVU is by no means a light-hearted TV series. The first spin-off of the popular Dick Wolf franchise features detectives as they work tirelessly to solve some of the most disturbing crimes, rarely pulling any punches when it comes to delving into some disturbing territories. However, one recent SVU episode went darker than usual … and it may even be the darkest SVU episode to date. Beware, there are tons of spoilers ahead!

The April 14 episode of the long-running television drama series titled Eighteen Wheels A Predator hits the ground running with some intense attacks. And it doesn’t slow down, either. At least not until the SVU team takes down two assailants. One of whom is a serial attacker who has been connected to dozens of crimes all across the country.

The Recent ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Doubles Up on the Dark Details

The Thursday, April 14 episode of Law & Order: SVU begins with a young woman who stops at a bar and soon makes a connection with the bartender, Dustin. Eventually, she takes off with Dustin upset that she didn’t stick around. A mysterious assailant then attacks the woman, knocking her unconscious and assaulting her.

The SVU team steps in, meeting with Kayla about the attack. The SVU detectives also note some key pieces of evidence in the assault including the unusual way the attacker had folded up the young woman’s pants.

Eventually, signs point to the bartender, Dustin, and the SVU squad members search his home and speak with the suspect’s sister. The investigation is all but over once they discover the woman’s wallet in Dustin’s room. However, we soon learn things are not even close to what they seem.

‘Eighteen Wheels and a Predator’ Gives Us a Classic ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Twist

Eventually, the SVU team is contacted by a man who not only tells the detectives that they have the wrong suspect in custody, but that he has just committed another assault. Only this time, the assault occurred thousands of miles away in Kentucky. Eventually, they learn that while Dustin is certainly not an innocent man, he was not responsible for the initial attack. However, he had been regularly assaulting his own sister for many years and his sister initially suspected Dustin did attack the young woman at the beginning of the episode. That’s why she planted the woman’s wallet in her brother’s room.

Dustin is taken into custody for his continued abuse of his sister. However, this leaves the other assault still unsolved. Soon, the detectives can get to the bottom of the initial assault; by tracking down witnesses who can identify the man. The team can get the serial assailant to confess to his crimes. Guaranteeing the criminal will remain behind bars for many, many years.