‘Law & Order’: Why You’ve Likely Never Heard of One of the Show’s Past Spinoffs

by Megan Molseed

Law & Order fans know that the popular law enforcement drama series is no stranger to the world of spin-off shows. Now, while there are certainly quite a few spin-offs in the popular franchise, many Law & Order fans can likely tick most of them off fairly easily. However, there is one Law & Order series most fans haven’t even seen or heard of. The reason? This particular series went national, airing in the UK.

The original Law & Order first premiered on NBC in 1990, enjoying a fabulous twenty-year run before it first went off the air. However, the Law & Order success certainly did not stop there.

Within the first ten years, the OG Law & Order series inspired its first off-shoot series, Law & Order: SVU. From there, multiple other shows were added to the wildly popular franchise. These spin-off shows include Criminal Intent, Trial by Jury, and Law & Order: Los Angeles. 

Some of these shows found more popularity than others, no doubt. Currently, the Law & Order franchise boasts a reboot of the original series, SVU. As well as the franchise’s latest addition, the Chris Meloni-led Law & Order: Organized Crime. But, what about this UK series we haven’t yet watched?

‘Law & Order’ Has Brought Many Spin-Off Shows, However, There Is One You Probably Never Even Heard Of

Between 2009 and 2014, the Law & Order: UK cast and crews impressed viewers across the pond much like fans here in the U.S. were impressed by the original series. This series followed a formula we know well, focusing on the police officers investigating crimes; along with the lawyers who work to prosecute the criminals.

According to the IMDb webpage, this UK version of the popular law enforcement drama series stars Bradley Walsh as Detective Sergeant Ronnie Brooks; Jamie Bamber as Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin; Harriet Walter as Senior Investigating Officer Natalie Chandler; Ben Daniels as Crown Prosecutor James Steele; Freema Agyeman as junior prosecutor Alesha Phillips; Paul Nicholls as Detective Sergeant Sam Casey; Bill Paterson as Steele and Phillips’ supervisor George Castle; Dominic Rowan as Crown Prosecutor Jake Thorne; and Peter Davison as Paterson’s eventual replacement Henry Sharpe.

In all, Law & Order: UK featured a total of 53 episodes during its successful five-year run in the UK. Now, this series is a UK version of the original series. However, it certainly offers plenty of new angles and storylines. So, it could certainly off spin-off benefits to viewers who decide to watch the series. Currently, Law & Order: UK is available on Amazon Prime; YouTube TV; Sling TV, and the Roku Channel.