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‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘The Waltons’ Icons Facing Off on ‘Stars in the House’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra)

Y’all ready for a big dose of nostalgia? The original casts of Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons are set to face off on television once again. This time they won’t be competing for ratings like they were in the 1970s. However, there will be a competition between the casts of the beloved shows. In a special Stars In The House game show, the two factions will battle.

Proceeds from the show will go to The Actors Fund. Those looking to watch the show can see the stream on YouTube or at the official website, starsinthehouse.com. Viewers are going to have a large role to play in the show. Not only can they submit their own questions for the contestants but they will also be able to make donations, of course.

This isn’t the first time that the casts of Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons have been on Stars in the House. However, they have never been on at the same time. This will truly be a special show and feature all of your favorites from both shows. Melissa Gilbert, Alison Arngrim, Matthew Laborteaux, and Karen Grassle will represent the Little House team. Over on The Waltons side are Judy Norton, Kami Cotler, Eric Scott, and Leslie Winston, according to Deadline.

Fans can expect a lot of fun answers and a great night for a great cause. Over the years these casts have competed in a variety of friendly competitions. From 1974-1981 these programs battled for ratings. Little House representing NBC while The Waltons aired on CBS. In the end, the viewers won. With Stars in the House, the casts are continuing the friendly rivalry and doing it for a good cause.

‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Throwback

While Melissa Gilbert and the rest of the Little Hosue on the Prairie cast get ready for their game show night, she has shared some great throwback posts in recent days. One of those posts features her along with two other stars of the past. Through the 1970s and 80s, Gilbert was a huge star. She became a cultural icon during this time for her work as Laura Ingalls. So, it was no surprise that she represented her station, NBC back in the 1980s.

In one of those classic Battle of the Network Stars Gilbert was a representative for NBC. During the competition, she was hanging out with a couple of other stars. Who else but Lee Majors and Howard Cosell. Cosell was a feature on Monday Night Football for a time. Of course, everyone knows Majors for his work on television.

Now, the Little House on the Prairie star looked like she was worn out. Those battles got pretty heated and the athletic competitions were no jokes. Perhaps she will win the upcoming battle on Stars in the House?