‘NCIS’ Boss Reveals If There’s a Major Time Jump Before Next Season

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS kicks off its 19th season, Monday night. So the countdown clock is clicking to a matter of hours.

So that brings us to this question. Will there be any kind of time jump from when season 18 ended in late May to when this season starts almost four months later? The last time we saw NCIS, Gibbs was blissfully driving his boat on a sunny afternoon. Tom Petty was playing. Then an explosion rocked Gibbs’ world. And ours, too. Gibbs was able to start swimming, but what’s going to happen when the show premieres Monday night?

T.Line asked NCIS show runner Steven D. Binder how much time has passed when the show picks back up.

“We’re going to go fairly real time,” Binder said. “We decided it’s too interesting of a moment to skip ahead of unless you’ve got a really good reason to do that, and we didn’t.”

NCIS Showrunner Said Scene of Gibbs in Lake Was Shot from Multiple Angles

In some of the NCIS trailers that are teasing the premiere, the cameras show Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in the water. His head is bloodied. So that explosion did do damage, although Gibbs survived it. We don’t know how hurt he may be.

Binder said the cameras shot from multiple angles. “There were a lot of different ways to cut it, and what we left with was something that we felt in many ways left all possibilities open.

“You see someone swimming away with purpose, but he was pretty badly injured,” the NCIS show runner said. “Just speaking from experience, I got nailed by a car when I was 10, and if asked me how I was doing, I’d tell you I’m fine. And I wasn’t fine. So, all things are still possible with Gibbs. He’s not dead and we know he’s able to swim well enough to do that broad stroke we saw. But any number of levels of injury were possible for him at that point.”

Marcie Shows Up In Season 19 Premiere

Through clues dropped by the trailers and other posts on social media, we know that Marcie, the investigative reporter, comes into the NCIS office to meet with the agents about Gibbs. Marcie is played by Pam Dawber, Harmon’s real-life wife. She did a three-episode arc to end season 18. And she’ll be involved with this season, as well. She tells the other agents that Gibbs was helping her track a serial killer. Will that have anything to do with Gibbs’ boat blowing up? Or is it some kind of NCIS head fake onto another case?

Like we said from the top, NCIS will kick off its season in two days. Make sure Monday night is in your NCIS lexicon. The show was a Tuesday night mainstay for the first 18 years. It’s CBS’ top scripted series. But the network moved it up a day to help launch NCIS: Hawai’i. Stay tuned.