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‘NCIS’ Exec Sends Season 19 Anticipation Through the Roof Saying Gibbs Is Going ‘Fully Unchained’

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images)

An NCIS exec somehow just made the return of the hit drama even more exciting. The show, which is premiering its 19th season on Monday, is coming back from a major cliffhanger.

In the season 18 finale, fan-favorite main character Special Agent Gibbs almost died when the boat he was on exploded. Gibbs was trying to investigate a serial killer. He was working with Investigative journalist Marcie Warren, but she wasn’t on the boat at the time.

So what’s in store for season 19? Well, we know the team is going to try very hard to find Gibbs, but Executive Producer Steven D. Binder just revealed that Agent Gibbs is about to go “fully unchained.” While Gibbs is absolutely known to bend the rules, this sounds far different.

“He’s been dangerous; now it’s going to be the subject of all the stories. Gibbs is going to be fully unchained,” he said. It’s hard to even tell what that will entail, but Binder assured us that this is different from any rebellions he’s had before. He also pointed out that Gibbs has always been a bit of a loose cannon, even with a bit of criminality in him. Binder referred to a 2008 flashback episode titled Heartland.

“He was a little rapscallion in his small hometown, straightened out by the military and NCIS. When you take those things away, does he revert? You [get violent] too many times, you end up in jail,” Binder cautioned. This info definitely has us on the edge of our seats. What will Gibbs do? How far will he go to get his revenge? And How will Investigative Journalist, played by Mark Harmon’s wife, get involved?

The Future of Special Agent Gibbs on ‘NCIS’ Looks Rocky

As far as his future goes, it couldn’t be more high stakes. “He either comes back and he’s an agent or we make permanent his separation,” Steven D. Binder admitted. Scary enough, making his separation permanent is a route they may take as Mark Harmon has allegedly tried to leave the show.

Harmon will only be in a select amount of episodes in season 19, with the premiere episode being one of them. It’s a big disappointment to fans, who’ve loved watching Harmon as Agent Gibbs. Reportedly, Harmon wanted to leave the series altogether before he realized CBS would cancel the hit series without him on board.

But it looks like season 19 is trying to make up for the lack of quantity with incredible quality, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Right after the premiere of NCIS this Monday (September 20th), you can catch the all new season of NCIS: Hawai’ii. The show will star Vanessa Lachey, who plays Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant, as she looks after her team of Agents in the Pearl Harbor Division.