‘NCIS’ Fans Highlight How Far Agent McGee Has Come After Season 19 Premiere

by Joe Rutland

Watching “NCIS” make its Season 19 premiere on Monday night led some fans to comment how far Timothy McGee has come in the series.

Sean Murray, who plays the NCIS Special Agent, has been a part of the CBS crime drama since the first season. His role was a recurring one in the first season before joining the regular cast in Season 2.

That’s 18-plus seasons on the show, matching stars Mark Harmon and David McCallum for tenure.

Well, let’s take a look at what those “NCIS” fans are saying about McGee on Twitter.

He’s receiving some love over McGee’s approach with Jethro Gibbs.

Another “NCIS” fan, Country_Gal93, wrote, “Good pep talk McGee! Gibbs family is the team and they work better together”.

RPopBox wrote, “”I’m proud of you” That startled me as much as it did McGee Lol”.

Finally, Cinnamini wrote, “Wow, Mcgee has become the teacher lol”.

Fans were out in full force on Twitter, using #NCIS to post their thoughts. Twitter added a special hashtag for the season premiere where a cap appeared after the hashtag.

Well, Outsiders, we are off and running with Season 19 for “NCIS” this year. What is unique about this season is that the show moved from its traditional Tuesday night timeslot to Mondays. It acts as a lead-in to the franchise’s latest spin-off, “NCIS: Hawai’i,” that debuted on Monday night. Vanessa Lachey stars in the spin-off as Special Agent In Charge Jane Tennant.

“NCIS” fans will have to keep tabs on McGee this season and see if he continues to respond as he did on Monday night.

‘NCIS’ Star Makes No Bones About His Love For Working With Mark Harmon

If fans of “NCIS” saw Monday night’s opener and are concerned about the McGee-Gibbs relationship, then don’t be. There is a lot of respect between both Murray and Harmon for one another.

What is the key to their connection? In a February 2021 interview with Inquirer.net, Murray explained their friendship.

“The relationship between McGee and Gibbs has always been like that of a father-son thing, but we’ll be exploring that quite a bit and see how that’s changed and grown,” Murray said. For him, though, that special bond doesn’t stop when the cameras stop.

“As for Mark, he’s a mentor and one of my best friends,” Murray said. “One of the best work partners I’ve ever had. He means a tremendous amount to me. He’s got these qualities of a leader that have made the show what it is today. He’s our quarterback.”

Now earlier in 2021, The Hollywood Reporter released an article saying Harmon was looking to leave. CBS bosses told Harmon that if he left, they would cancel the series.