‘NCIS’ Has the ‘Team’ Back Together Again in Epic Photo Ahead of Monday’s New Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

You can call Monday’s episode of NCISto catch a (serial) killer.

And to do so, the NCIS agents reimagined their squad room so that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) can participate.

The NCIS official twitter account teased the second episode by posting a snapshot of Gibbs and his team. The caption — “the team is back, Gibbs has coffee in his hand, and Palmer made an “exact” replica of the squad room. #NCIS is all NEW, Monday.

NCIS Teases Episode Called ‘Nearly Departed’

The episode’s official name is “Nearly Departed.” And there are some clues in the synopsis. Check out the plot description: “While trying to find the serial killer Gibbs was after, the NCIS team discovers another person has been tracking the case as well.”

There are other clues. Wilmer Valderrama tweeted a clip for “Nearly Departed.” In it, we see that Torres and Jess are chasing a mysterious someone. But despite the agents best sprinting efforts, the suspect disappears. It left them bewildered.

“Not only is this guy a lunatic..,” Jess (Katrina Law) told Torres. Then Torres finishes the sentence: “He’s a ghost.” 

Check out Walderrama’s video:

Jimmy Rebuilt Squad Room So Gibbs Could Be There

To get the agents in a mood to chase a serial killer, Jimmy rebuilt the squad room. Gibbs still is suspended, a punishment dating back to last season, so he’s not in the office. Months ago, Gibbs lost his cool and beat up a suspect who was drugging and killing dogs as part of a dogfighting ring. Although the guy was guilty, Gibbs knew he was wrong. He has yet to be reinstated. It’s basically up to him whether to come back.

But while Gibbs ponders an official return, he’s unofficially trying to figure out who this serial killer may be. The killer is kidnapping women, binding their hands and feet in red tape, then murdering them. And the killer dumps their bodies in a nearby lake.

Gibbs and Marcie, a journalist, have been connecting clues for awhile. Gibbs was in his boat, out on the lake, when his boat blew up. That’s how season 18 finished. Gibbs was swimming away from the wreckage moments after the explosion.

Season 19 Picked Up Right After Boat Explosion

Season 19 picked up right after the explosion. Except we see that Gibbs is almost too weak to get out of the water. He’s got a piece of wood stuck in his gut. In the next scene, it’s revealed that Virgil, a retired veterinarian, operated on him to remove the gigantic splinter.

By the end of the episode, the NCIS agents locate Gibbs. And they all bust up a meth ring. But while they’re doing that, police find another potential victim of the serial killer. McGee figured out that Gibbs likely was about to leave NCIS. But he told Gibbs that rule one trumps rule 91 – when you walk away, don’t look back.

McGee told Gibbs “Rule 91 sucks because it’s in direct violation of rule No. 1. Never screw over your partner.” So Gibbs is at least sticking around to solve the case.

Meanwhile, chances are the person who also was tracking the serial killer is FBI special agent Alden Park. He’s played by Gary Cole, who joined the cast this summer. In other trailers for episode two, you can see Cole.