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‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Gives Look at Highly ‘Explosive’ Scene From Monday’s Intense Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jane Tennant and the rest of her NCIS: Hawai’i team have a fiery case to crack in this Monday’s episode.

The show’s social media account teased the next NCIS: Hawai’i with a short video clip. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the episode is one word — Boom.

The tweet: “One thing’s guaranteed → Monday’s #NCISHawaii episode is about to be an EXPLOSIVE one.”

NCIS: Hawai’i Agents Get Demo From Boom Boom

In the clip, Vanessa Lachey’s Tennant and Alex Tarrant’s Kai are getting a demonstration about explosives from an expert nicknamed “Boom Boom.”

Someone is blowing up buildings. And the agents of NCIS: Hawai’i are on the case. The bad guys aren’t using C4. Rather, their explosive of choice is TNT.

“You want to take out an entire building, let the world know you’re there,” says Boom Boom, “TNT is your wingman.”

But this isn’t your average dynamite. It’s old, probably World War II era. Or as Boom Boom tells Tennant and Kai, “That’s good old-fashioned American kick ass.” And Boom Boom’s men know where the old TNT is located.

The official NCIS: Hawai’i episode description for “Boom”:

“Tennant and NCIS must take down a notorious team of international thieves using WWII explosives on armored trucks before they complete their final big job and disappear. Lucy and Whistler have a standoff about their previous encounter; and Ernie’s mission in the field is more alarming than he expected.”

NCIS: Hawai’i premiered Sept. 20, right after NCIS. The episode’s main storyline evolved around a pilot who smashed his top-secret jet into the side of a mountain. It turned out that young women, who acted as spies, were pursuing men who worked on these projects. The pilot was killed when he figured out what was going on.

NCIS Spinoff Enjoyed Largest Audience of New Shows

The NCIS spinoff, so far, is the most successful new network show on the air. It drew an audience of 6.582 million viewers, just ahead of fellow CBS newbie FBI: International (6.427 million). NBC’s Ordinary Joe was third at 3.85 million.

However, NCIS: Hawai’i didn’t register that well with the under 49 crowd, which is considered a key demographic for advertisers. The ABC reimagining of The Wonder Years topped the 18 to 49 demo. Fox’s Alter Ego was second, followed by FBI: International, then NCIS: Hawai’i.

NCIS: Hawai’i does offer something different from the other NCIS shows. Tennant is the first female agent in charge. And, Lucy is the first lesbian character in the NCIS orbit. From the first episode, we glean that Lucy and Kate Whistler have been a couple.

“We want these characters to feel like they have full lives,” said Jan Nash, executive producer of NCIS: Hawai’i. “They have families, they have interests, they struggle with things — and certainly relationships are a part of that.

“But on a procedural show, when you have a case going on it’s difficult to be like, ‘But I have a date tonight!’ So having (Kate) Whistler in our world, in an NCIS-adjacent role, seemed like a way we could add relational qualities to our show that wouldn’t impede our procedural storytelling.”