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‘NCIS: Hawaii’: What Time Does the Show Start on CBS?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Monday night is almost here and that means NCIS: Hawaii is almost here as well. Not to mention the season 19 premiere of NCIS. Fans are excited for the new series as well as the new season of the flagship show. So, what time can viewers watch all the great action tomorrow night?

CBS has the night planned so that fans are going to have a full night of NCIS drama. This is going to be a special night. There has not been a new series of NCIS for the last seven years. That is when the Los Angeles spinoff began. If fans want to catch the historic premiere they can tune to CBS at 10 PM EST. The new series is going to debut after the main show.

With the new series, fans are going to have so much content to watch. The show programmers made a great move to switch the main show from Tuesdays to Mondays. While this was a bump in the road for some fans, the switch makes so much sense. With the new NCIS: Hawaii series, Vanessa Lachey will be the first-ever female lead in any of the series spinoffs.

Once the Season 19 premiere of the main show airs at 9 PM, viewers get another dose of law enforcement action. So, all Fall long, viewers are going to have two hours on Monday night. This will mean fans don’t have to wait and watch each series spread out through the week. So, Monday nights are for going to be packed.

‘NCIS: Hawaii’: Unique Series in the ‘NCIS’ World

While haters will say that there are enough spinoffs, NCIS: Hawaii isn’t going to be like any other. While the possibility for crossover episodes is there, it won’t rely on them. This is going to be the first spinoff that wasn’t backdoored through one of the other series. That means it will be a standalone product that should provide room for creativity while working within the usual formula.

The fact that Lachey will be the star and lead of the show is big. She has been open about what the role means to her. Throughout the summer there have been behind-the-scenes looks into the filming and process. Lachey has been a big part of that. Also, moving to a new state, even if it is a paradise-like Hawaii, is never easy. The cast and crew have really invested in the series and that should come out on screen.

Tomorrow, a new era begins in the NCIS universe. There will be a new set of characters to fall in love with and fans should be really excited about the Monday night doubleheader. This is going to be a Fall full of NCIS, NCIS: Hawaii, and a ton of action across two hours of television. Get the popcorn ready.