‘NCIS’: How Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Will Reunite With the Team in Season 19 Revealed

by John Jamison

Remember where we left Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs, “NCIS” fans? He was floundering in the wreckage of his exploded boat. Forget how he got the boat out of the basement, lives are on the line here. All we know is Gibbs is alive. That means he’s going to factor into Season 19 in some way. Thanks to executive producer Steven Binder, we have a rough idea as to what Gibbs’ return will look like.

We still have reasons to believe Mark Harmon’s character won’t play as big a role in Season 19 compared to the past. The “NCIS” star has been at it since 2003, after all. 415 episodes represent a staggering amount of time that Harmon committed to a single series.

According to TV Insider, however, we can expect the first few episodes of the season to deal primarily with Gibbs and his course of action.

“He either comes back and he’s an agent or we make permanent his separation,” “NCIS” executive producer Steven Binder told TV Insider.

So there’s no guarantee Gibbs returns to the team in an official capacity. And that’s scary news for whoever it was that made the fateful decision to blow up his boat.

“He’s been dangerous; now it’s going to be the subject of all the stories. Gibbs is going to be fully unchained. He was a little rapscallion in his small hometown, straightened out by the military and NCIS. When you take those things away, does he revert? You [get violent] too many times, you end up in jail,” Binder continued.

The producer went on to describe how fans can expect several surprises across the first few episodes. He also mentioned that the beginning of the “NCIS” season is going to be “more intense than normal.”

‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Was Blown Away by the International Popularity of the Show

This seems to be a common theme among stars of iconic American television shows. It’s likely easy to underestimate the international appeal when you’re filming everything in English. That said, shows like “NCIS” have found traction everywhere around the planet. Streaming platforms all have language options, so it has never been easier to consume foreign content in one’s native language.

Timothy McGee actor Sean Murray was shocked by the warm reception he received in Paris.

“You know, it’s wild. I went to Paris and I couldn’t believe the reception. And all of the people visiting from other countries. It was just amazing. I had no idea how popular it was,” Murray told WhoSay in 2017. “It’s bizarre. It is. There were some surreal moments while we were there.”

Surreal indeed. It’s one thing to be famous in your own country. But to go abroad and be recognized is a different animal entirely.