‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Celebrates Filming Milestone 300th Episode

by Shelby Scott

NCIS” has seen continuous success on CBS, and is now officially renewed for its milestone 20th season. However, its beloved spin-off, “NCIS: Los Angeles” has seen equal success, with a star-studded cast including dynamic actress Linda Hunt as the fan-favorite character Hetty Lange and LL Cool J as Special Agent Sam Hunt. Now, in the midst of season 13, the cast and crew of “NCIS: Los Angeles” have every reason to celebrate as they take to Twitter in excitement ahead of the debut of their milestone 300th episode.

“What. A. Milestone,” the CBS series’ official Twitter account shared on Thursday. Photos capture an intricately detailed display of the cast in miniature, with a tiny G. Callen kneeling down in front of the tropically decorated 3 and a marginally larger model of Sam Hunt central to the small-scale scene. And although Hetty Lange might be missing from the cast’s group photos, we can only hope the small-scale likeness of the actress in the first photo means the beloved character will soon return.

Meanwhile, “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans took to the comments to congratulate the cast and crew on such a memorable milestone.

“Congrats to everyone involved!” one fan shared. “The display is super cute!”

Another fan commented, “Wow, already! It feels like the show just premiered. Big congrats to everyone!”

The congratulatory remarks continued, however, other concerned fans questioned, “Where is Hetty?”

And given we’re slowly approaching the season finale for “NCIS: Los Angeles,” we’ve begun to wonder the same thing.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Long for Return of Hetty Lange

300 episodes is surely a milestone not to be brushed aside, however, until “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans learn the actual date of Hetty Lange’s return, they’ll continue to worry about the future of the hit series.

Earlier this month, the Hetty Lange actress Linda Hunt celebrated her 77th birthday, and the series’ official social media accounts commemorated the special day with a feature post.

“Never to be underestimated,” the caption read. “Happy birthday to the incredible Linda Hunt!”

Plenty of “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans took to the comments to wish the Hetty Lange actress a very happy birthday. However, plenty of other fans begged for Hunt’s return.

“Please comeback soon!” one fan commented. “The fans miss you so much.”

Others think the California-based NCIS team has begun to fall apart without Hetty Lange’s supervision.

“OSP needs their operations manager,” a fellow fan insisted. They added, “Callen has been too far afield lately, Sam will need new wardrobe, Kensi & Deeks need parental advice & support and Roundtree & Fatima need the ‘fear of Hetty’ put in them.”

Hopefully, though, as we get nearer to the milestone 300th episode, Hetty will make her long-awaited return.