‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Are Missing Linda Hunt’s Hetty as Season 13 Enters Home Stretch

by Shelby Scott

We’re in the home stretch of some of our favorite television series, with the “NCIS” franchise included. And now, as “NCIS: Los Angeles” prepares to close out its 13th season, fans are in an uproar about missing beloved character Hetty, played by dynamic actress Linda Hunt.

Linda Hunt’s character Hetty has been MIA on the set of “NCIS: Los Angeles” since the season premiere months ago. But when Linda Hunt passed her 77th birthday earlier this month, fans began questioning when the iconic character would make her return. Check out the post below.

“Never to be underestimated,” “NCIS: Los Angeles wrote of the Hetty actor. “Happy birthday to the incredible Linda Hunt!”

Numerous fans wished the veteran actress a very happy birthday. But, others continued to ask about her return to the hit show.

“Happy Birthday,” one “NCIS: Los Angeles” fan wrote. “[C]an’t wait for to come back to NCIS LA miss you!”

Another said, “We miss you Hetty! Please come back from whatever mission you’re on, Hetty! We need your sharp wit & mysterious ways!”

As when season 13 of “NCIS: Los Angeles” debuted, Hetty (Linda Hunt) remains in Syria on a covert mission. And while absent this season, fans worry “NCIS: Los Angeles” might leave Hetty in the past.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Theorize About What Happened to Hetty in Syria

Tension rose for “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans last month when an episode saw the U.S. order a drone strike on a specified location in Syria. And as per TV Insider, it was the location Hetty was supposed to have been occupying at the time of the assault.

During last month’s episode “All the Little Things,” Special Agent G. Callen reached out to Zasha regarding information about the strike, based on a hunch that Hetty had been there. And while Zasha found no proof of Hetty’s death at the site of the strike, the team remains convinced she was there.

Now, as we impatiently wait to find out what happened to the NCIS Operations Manager for the Office of Special Projects, “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans have begun to theorize what happened to Linda Hunt and her beloved character Hetty.

Where is Hetty?

One simple, and dark, explanation is that Hetty was killed in the drone strike. However, TV Insider reports it’s highly unlikely given the current arc of the narrative.

The second explanation is that Hetty escaped the strike and has gone to the ground. And given her experience with NCIS, it’s very likely she won’t be found unless she wants to be. After all, Callen, Killbride, and Nate all suspect Hetty ordered the Syrian drone strike for her own advantage.

One possibility is that Hetty used the strike to escape the Al-Qaeda leaders holding NCIS hostages. But the other is that she used the strike as part of her negotiation tactics to better arrange for the hostages’ release.

A final explanation for the largest current “NCIS: Los Angeles” plotline suggests that something went wrong with Hetty’s plan and that she too became taken hostage by Al-Qaeda.

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