‘NCIS’: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Hunts For a Serial Killer in Tense New Trailer

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s so good to see Gibbs and company back together for a good old-fashion’ NCIS investigation.

The show’s social media account dropped a trailer for next Monday’s episode called Nearly Departed.

“Let’s catch this serial killer, shall we? Watch an all NEW episode of NCIS, Monday,” the account tweeted, Thursday. Check out the clip and stay with us on the other side for some tidbits. Like, did you see Gary Cole in the tease?

Did you gather all those hints? First, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) still is being obstinate. McGee (Sean Murray) asks him how he’s feeling and Gibbs wants to know why he’s asking.

Leave it to Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) to bring it home as he tells Gibbs: “No reason, other than you got blown up a couple of days ago.”

Yes, we saw the season 19 opener? Gibbs did get blown up, sort of. His boat exploded — we still don’t know who stuck a bomb on it. Gibbs swam to shore, but he was really hurt. As he stepped to solid ground, he noticed that the blast embedded a piece of wood in his gut. We now know that Virgil, a retired veterinarian, removed the wood and probably saved Gibbs’ life.

‘NCIS’ Busted Up a Meth Ring. Now It’s On to a Killer

By the end of the episode, Gibbs, McGee, Torres and Jess helped catch some meth dealers who were operating out of an abandoned rangers station on the north shore of the lake. But they had nothing to do with a possible serial killer on the loose. Gibbs and Marcie started tracking the killer late in season 18. He dumps his victims in the lake. And he binds their hands and feet with red tape.

There are some other NCIS tidbits in the 30 second-clip. That was Gary Cole making a brief appearance. The show added him this summer. He’ll play FBI special agent Alden Park. NCIS fans still don’t know how many episodes Harmon, as Gibbs, will appear in. Cole could be a Gibbs kind of figure on the show.

And, Vance (Rocky Carroll) also pops up in the clip. It sounds like he’s trying to talk Gibbs into coming back to NCIS. Gibbs was suspended in season 18. He beat up a guy who was drugging and killing dogs. Gibbs insists he was right in taking justice into his own hands. But he also notes he violated policy in going rogue.

Vance tells Gibbs: “Come back. What will it take? You tell me, I’ll make it work.” Also in the video, Vance appears to be keeping Gibbs’ official weapons.

CBS got some answers to another NCIS question this week. That was all about the viewers. The network switched the show’s nights from Tuesday to Monday. And, for the most part, the audience stuck with the show. NCIS averaged 8.5 million viewers and won Monday night.