‘NCIS’: Meet Director Vance Actor Rocky Carroll’s Wife

by Kati Michelle

The “NCIS” franchise continues to hold one of the most beloved casts in the world of television. Fans just can’t get enough content from the show. Still, they can’t help but wonder if that character development and close camaraderie translate as well off-screen. Rocky Carroll plays the series’ Director Leon Vance.

His character acts as the Director for all the NCIS shows, including the spin-offs. He oversees all Operations from the NCIS home base in Washington, D.C. His character also reports directly to the Secretary of The Navy. Recently, Rocky Carroll let fans into his personal life with details about his wife and their daughter together. As usual, we’ve got the latest scoop for you Outsiders right here.

All About Rocky Carroll’s Wife: Gabrielle Bullock

Fans of the “NCIS” franchise might not know that Rocky Carroll’s resume in the entertainment business spans far beyond the show’s reach. In fact, Caroll’s career spans over three decades-long. Some other notable appearances include his stints on “ROC” and “Chicago Hope.” He even gained some directorial cred after directing an episode of the twelfth season of “NCIS.”

Although she doesn’t understand the appeal of a Hollywood career herself, Carroll’s wife has a pretty impressive resume nonetheless. Gabrielle Bullock graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1984 with degrees in architecture and fine arts. Actually, the achievement marked a milestone not only in her life but for the school as well. She takes the spot as the second African American woman in the history of the school to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in architecture.

Since graduating, she took on a number of projects. At the moment, she serves as Principal and Director of Global Diversity at an architectural firm named “Perkins and Will.” Here, she also made a name for herself as someone that changes the course of history. In fact, her mobility within the firm earned her the titles of the first African American woman and the first woman to rise to Managing Director.

Rocky Carroll is immensely proud of everything Gabrielle continues to accomplish and their marriage is just as strong as it was the day they tied the knot back in ’96.

The Couple’s Adoption Journey

Like “SVU’s” Mariska Hargitay, Carroll and his wife openly discuss the difficulties of parenthood and adoption. The couple shares one daughter together. Her name is Elissa and they adopted her as a newborn. The couple decided to turn to adoption after a long struggle with fertility. Caroll and Bullock also tried to keep Elissa out of the spotlight as much as possible growing up, in order to give her a more “normal” life. She’s all grown-up now and even got accepted into Loyola Marymount University, making both parents proud.

Here’s a snap of the mother-daughter duo: