‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Posts Powerful Message About Teaching His Sons Value of Hard Work

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)

Fans know Lucas Black best as an actor. Over the years, Black has appeared in NCIS and its NOLA-based spinoff, Slingblade, and several other movies and television shows. However, when he’s not on the set bringing great characters to life, he’s at home raising his kids right.

Many people think that children who have actors and other stars as parents have an easy life. It’s easy to imagine people who have earned a good living through entertainment handing their kids everything they want. However, Lucas Black doesn’t go for any of that. Instead, he makes sure that his sons know that the world doesn’t owe them a thing. He started teaching them how to earn what they want early in life.

Last night, Lucas Black took to Instagram to share a video of him and his two young sons. They were leaving Lowe’s and heading home to get some work done around the house. Check out the video below.

In the video, we can see Lucas Black and his two sons, Gus and Asa, walking through a Lowe’s parking lot. Gus is “toting boxes,” and his brother is carrying tiles and a tile cutter. They’re headed home to replace bathroom tile and box some things up to get rid of them. Black explains all of that and adds, “I’ve got my helpers with me.” The video in and of itself gives us hope for the next generation. However, the caption shows just how well Black is raising his boys.

Lucas Black on Teaching His Boys About Hard Work

In the caption, Lucas Black said that this wasn’t a new thing. “The boys help their daddy on Saturday around the house.” Then, he talked about what they had on the agenda last weekend. “We replaced some tile and organized our house by getting rid of some things.”

Black noted that having the boys help out teaches them important life lessons. “It might take longer when your kids are working with you, but the lessons are valuable. I’m thankful that my kids have made the connection that you earn money by working. It is not given.”

Lucas Black doesn’t mention it, but it also helps parents learn patience. We all want to get things done and out of the way. However, sometimes taking things slow and teaching the little ones is more important than handling a task in a timely manner. In the end, everyone wins when we include the kiddos in the chores.

In closing, Lucas Black said, “It’s great to see them feel proud of what they have accomplished after grinding it out and getting rewarded with praise and money.”

We need more dads like Lucas.