‘NCIS’ Releases Ominous ‘Sneak Peek’ of Discovery of Gibbs’ Boat

by Shelby Scott

In light of tomorrow’s new season premiere of “NCIS,” CBS has released a sneak peek from season 19. Seeing what happens in this short clip, we are dying to know the rest. The latest preview reveals local authorities investigating the lake in which Gibbs’ boat, Rule 91, exploded. The ominous sneak peek reveals that the wreckage authorities found definitely points to Gibbs.

The scene as a whole is ominous. It’s further accompanied by an even more ominous soundtrack. Combined, the scene reveals the “NCIS” team‘s location of the wreckage may not be a good sign. Upon McGee and Torres’s arrival, local authorities have meticulously laid out the pieces of the boat so far located. During the preview, McGee states, “Looks like the initial blast came from the engine compartment…Take a lot of concentrated heat to melt castiron like that.”

He proceeds to point to the desecrated part of the engine. However, while McGee’s observations are scary, what comes next is even more interesting.

The sheriff asks, “Mechanical failure?” which the Special Agent corrects with, “Pipebomb.”

So, from this small bit alone, we now have conclusion that Gibbs’ boat was intentionally blown apart.

Although, the most intense part of the clip comes when divers locate the piece of Rule 91, its name emblazoned across the wood. “Gibbs,” McGee states. “You saying this is definitely your guy?” the sheriff asks. “We’re saying this is definitely our case,” Torres replies. The interaction follows with a phone call, the sheriff stating they found a body.

It’s been an excruciatingly long summer. However, we finally receive answers surrounding Gibbs’ disappearance during the “NCIS” season premiere taking place tomorrow night.

Gibbs Features In Several Early ‘NCIS’ Episodes

Investigations ensue surrounding “NCIS” Special Agent Gibbs. However, now we’ve received official confirmation surrounding the number of appearances Gibbs makes early on in season 19. TVInsider recently revealed he features in the first four episodes of the new season of “NCIS.”

Beyond that, we can’t be sure. Regardless, the episodes intend to explore Gibbs in several different ways.

Further, we also know that the new season premiere moves forward in “real-time.” Hence, not long after the explosion of Gibbs’ boat. As to the potential time jump deliberated earlier this summer, showrunner Steven D. Binder said this particular part of the story was “too interesting of a moment to skip ahead.”

As if that wasn’t already obvious.

So, with the new season picking up, basically, right where season 18 left off, we’ve been given an opportunity to watch Gibbs’ story post-explosion unfold as events take place. That is, we learn about them as he experiences them, rather than from a time-jumped perspective.

In this way, we’ll not only see how the “NCIS” team adapts and adjusts. We also get to see Gibbs’ transformation away from NCIS agent as he was suspended from the agency during the last season.

With so much new information debuting in the media, the next 24 hours promise to be excruciating in terms of waiting.