‘NCIS’ Season 19 Premiere: Full Recap as Gibbs and Team Come Together Again

by Shelby Scott

Season 19 of the beloved crime drama “NCIS” finally aired tonight, and for that we could not be more relieved. After all, season 18 left us with one major cliffhanger making for an incredibly long wait throughout this summer. Although for those Outsiders in need of a quick recap, we got you.

Tonight’s episode kicked off, graciously, featuring the suspended “NCIS” Special Agent Gibbs emerging from the lake upon which his boat had blown up. And while we did not expect Gibbs to avoid injuries altogether, what we did see during the character’s first appearance back on the screen provided a bit of a shock.

As he emerges, his hair remains plastered to his head, blood lines the side of his face, and a piece of boat shrapnel protrudes from his abdomen. Overall, not looking good at the moment.

Soon, however, Gibbs falls backward into the lake, presumably from pain, cold, and a loss of blood. He later comes to, patched up and locked in a barn. Gibb attempts to stand but falls due to the pain. He looks back and up at a woman with a rifle.

Once he convinces the woman and her husband that he is not a criminal and poses no danger, they lend him a phone which he uses to contact McGee. However, all he tells McGee is to keep the journalist he’d been working with safe.

Gibbs Reunited with the “NCIS” Team

Gibbs soon escapes to a nearby abandoned ranger station where he, finally, reunites with the “NCIS” team. However, the location soon saw itself infiltrated with gang members. Together, though, the group of four managed to scare off the gang, beloved Gibbs their acting sniper, a talent he solely possesses among the team.

Later, once the dust settles, McGee talks in length with Gibbs, where we learn just how betrayed he feels by the man he called Boss all these years. “Rule 91 sucks,” McGee tells Gibbs, “because it is in direct violation of Rule No. 1–Never screw over your partner.”

Here, our hearts suffered a little as Gibbs tells his dedicated team member, “I’m not your partner,” seeing all that’s ensued since Gibbs was suspended.

Nevertheless, McGee persists, insisting that, “We’re better together,” and that “We need to be your team.” In a rare moment of Gibbs affection, he tells McGee, “I’m proud of you.” Following, he asks the Special Agent, “Whaddya got?” a line that has withstood all of “NCIS” time.

So, while we’ve finally received closure surrounding the season 18 finale, we now wait to find out what Gibbs and the team find next week. However, we’re sure Outsiders everywhere are simply relieved that the “NCIS” team did in fact #FindGibbs.