‘NCIS’ Season 19 Premiere: Here’s What Happens in Gibbs’ First Appearance

by Shelby Scott

Well, Outsiders. We made it. The Season 19 premiere of our beloved crime drama “NCIS” aired tonight and we’ve finally received closure to season 18’s major cliffhanger. And while the entirety of the episode has us reeling, Gibbs’ first appearance of Season 19 is a major doozy.

As we know, the Special Agent was captured on screen last season doing the dead man’s float before swimming off and closing out season 18. As tonight’s episode opened, we find Gibbs soaking wet, bloody, and peering back at the flames and smoke engulfing his boat. For a recap, check it out.

We knew Gibbs was alive at the end of last season, however, due to the “NCIS” Special Agent’s determination and grit, we didn’t know what exactly to expect with the season 19 airing. Regardless, we can now confirm that Gibbs is not invincible, however much he would like to believe otherwise.

The clip features Gibbs in a t-shirt and soaking wet flannel, blood coating his neck, hair matted to his head, and a sizable piece of debris sticking out of his side. Further, we can also confirm our stoic “NCIS” agent feels pain as each small movement results in a grunt of discomfort.

‘NCIS’ Fans Call on Ducky and Palmer for a Gibbs-Assist

As the “NCIS” former Special Agent In Charge stands half-submerged in the chilly lake water, all we can do is grimace along with. However, fans shared their thoughts on Gibbs’ predicament and many sent a call for help to our favorite medical examiner duo, Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Dr. “Ducky” Mallard.

Fans of “NCIS” commented on the CBS hit show’s Tweet, “Time to call Ducky. Or Palmer.” Others expressed the character‘s obvious pain and discomfort with, “OW” and “Looks painful.” We’re sure.

Still, others were simply glad to see the iconic agent still alive. One follower commented, “Gibbs #MarkHarmon @ncis_markharmon is still alive.” For that, at least, we could not be more grateful. After all, if we have no Gibbs, we most likely don’t have a show.

One fan summarized all of our thoughts, however, when they wrote, “Awww hang in there Gibbs we need you my friend. #NCIS.” No doubt.

The Team Finds Gibbs

Spoiler. The dedicated “NCIS” team does in fact locate Gibbs in their search during this first episode. However, fans were humored as they teased the character was ungrateful at being found. Read on for more. Or don’t if you haven’t watched.

During the premiere, fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the team’s dialogue throughout and Gibbs’ reaction to being located. And while “NCIS” qualifies as a drama, the underlying humor definitely contributes to the show’s success.

“Omg kudos to the team for that,” wrote one fan. “Gibbs why you gotta be so ungrateful,” they concluded.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Typical Gibbs. “They’re not here to take you sniper-rifle shopping Gibbs!” wrote one follower.

Well, whether you love it or not, Gibbs is Gibbs and he’s always going to be stoic in the worst of situations.