‘NCIS’ Showrunner Talks ‘Possibilities’ for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs This Season After Boat Explosion

by Clayton Edwards

 Season 18 of NCIS closed with a bang, literally. We saw Agent Gibbs’ new boat explode. Luckily, he was able to swim away from the blast. However, the finale left fans of the show with a laundry list of questions. They also had months to let those questions marinate in their minds. The show will finally answer those questions on Monday, September 20th. However, for some fans, it will be a long two days.

The one thing we know for sure is that Mark Harmon will return to NCIS. So, Gibbs is definitely still alive and kicking. However, he talked about leaving the show after last season. Which opens up a whole new question that is completely removed from the plot. Just how much of Gibbs will we see in the coming season? That question, in and of itself, is going to make the next couple of days seem even longer.  

Recently, Steven D. Binder, NCIS’s showrunner opened up about the possibilities for Mark Harmon’s character in the coming season. He gave TVLine a little insight into what fans can expect going into the show’s next season.

First, he said that the action will pick up shortly after the explosion that closed the last season of NCIS. “We’re going to go fairly real-time,” he told the publication. “We decided it’s too interesting of a moment to skip ahead of unless you’ve got a really good reason to do that, and we didn’t.”

It’s good to know that we’ll get to see NCIS’s patriarch rise from the water and get back to work. However, that’s only the beginning.

Possibilities are Vast for Gibbs in NCIS Season 19

Binder said that the NCIS team shot the final moments of the finale in several different ways which left them open to take the finale in different directions. However, he said they came away with the best possible cut. “What we left with was something that we felt, in many ways, left all possibilities open. You see someone swimming away with purpose, but he was pretty badly injured.”

Binder then compared that scene to one of his childhood experiences. “I got nailed by a car when I was 10, and if you asked me how I was doing, I’d tell you I’m fine. And I wasn’t fine. So, all things are still possible with Gibbs.”

The NCIS showrunner added, “He’s not dead and we know he’s able to swim well enough to do that broad stroke we saw, but any number of levels of injury were possible for him at that point.”

He wouldn’t give TVLine any spoilers for the new season. However, NCIS fans will be happy to know that Gibbs will make it back to his team in the early episodes of the upcoming season.

NCIS season 19 premiers Monday, September 20th at 9/8c on CBS.