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‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Made a Perfect Reference to His Iconic ‘Office Space’ Character During Recent Episode

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

“Office Space” fans, get ready for a good laugh! “NCIS” newcomer Gary Cole, who played Bill Lumberg in “Office Space,” made a perfect reference to his character during the action-packed series’ recent episode.

Gary Cole used the “Office Space” reference at the beginning of the latest episode of “NCIS” called “Starting Over.” While chatting with Sean Murray’s McGee, Cole’s character Parker said, “Yeah what I’d give to never have to file another TPS report.” 

“You do know it’s a TBS report, right? A Transbureau synopsis?” Murray is heard saying. Cole asked what he say and Katrina Law’s Knight reiterated what he said. “Ah, old habits. Weird,” Cole declares while drinking a cup of coffee. 

For those who are not necessarily familiar with the joke, Cole’s “Office Space” character mentioned “TPS reports” throughout the film. His most well-known quote is, “I’m going to need those TPS reports… ASAP…”

‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Spoke About How ‘Office Space’ is Now a Cult Classic Despite Being a Box Office Flop

During a 2016 interview with NPR, “NCIS” star Gary Cole shared his thoughts about how “Office Space” has become a cult classic despite struggling at the box office. 

“We all recognized that Mike Judge was a very gifted writer and director and an animator as well,” Gary Cole stated. “And the way he shot the movie was so specific: Down to the minutest of details, he knew what he wanted seemingly all the time. So we all knew that what we were working on was really good.”

However, Gary Cole admitted no one on the cast had any idea how “Office Space” would eventually develop a following. “You never know if a movie will breakthrough or if it will have any kind of lasting impact, but that’s what happened.”

Gary Cole also acknowledged that “Office Space” didn’t do well in theaters. However, that didn’t stop the film from becoming popular throughout the years. “It didn’t do well in the theaters, so we thought, ‘Well, this movie died.’ But a year after that, I was doing a play in Chicago, so I was on the street a lot.  I was walking to and from the theater … and people start shouting out, ‘Did you get the TPS reports?’ ‘Oh yeah!’ without even stopping me, just saying the lines to me. I was dumbfounded. I thought this movie tanked! What happened?”

Gary Cole went on to say that he believes the way people consume films over the years has changed. And the movie wasn’t necessarily a failure if it didn’t do well in theaters. “Had it cost a great deal of money to make, it would’ve been considered more of a flop; but the truth is it just wasn’t that expensive of a movie.”