‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Promises ‘Everything Changes for Torres’ on Monday’s Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

Torres’ internal struggles are coming to a head in the next episode of NCIS. And his actor Wilmer Valderrama is promising a big change for the character.

During a sneak peek of the show’s April 18th installment that Valderrama posted on Instagram, we see that the agent is finally dealing with his problems by meeting with a therapist. And while the clip makes it obvious that he’s not thrilled to confront his demons, Valderrama’s caption teases that something positive is ahead for Torres.

“This Monday, everything changes for Torres,” he wrote.

In the video, Torres is furious as Dr. Grace Confalone (Laura San Giacomo) patiently attempts to reign him in. And the conversation drops a few bombs about Torres’ relationship with both his dad and alcohol.

“Does your relationship with your father torment you?” Confalone asks her patient. “I don’t have a relationship with my father,” he snaps back.

And as the chat gets more heated, the doctor calls out Agent Torres for self-medicating with “80 proof.”

And then, she proceeds to ask him if he drank the night before while assuring him that she’s not there to “judge” him.

But just as she manages to calm Torres down and get him to think about the possibility of sobriety, his phone rings and derails her progress.

Trouble has Been Brewing for Agent Torres Since the Last Season of ‘NCIS’

It has always been clear that Agent Nick Torres has a painful backstory that affects both his personal and professional life. But for nearly 18 seasons, he’s managed to deal with his issues and be an irreplaceable asset to his team.

However, those issues began to boil over at the end of Season 18 and into the beginning of Season 19.

During last year’s finale, the character left NCIS for a short time. And then he really went off the deep end after his mentor and father figure Agent Gibbs retired and moved to Alaska.

Gibbs leaving seemed to be the final straw for Torres and perhaps triggered the trauma he has from his real dad. Because ever since he left, Torres has been self-destructive. And on too many occasions, he’s intentionally put himself into life-threatening situations.

And while it’s unclear why Torres finally agreed to see a therapist, the official episode synopsis lends a clue by sharing that he “is forced to face the repercussions of his actions during an undercover operation he worked on years ago.”

But you can catch the whole story unfold this Monday on CBS at 9/8 pm CT.