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‘NCIS’: Why Did Mike Franks Actor Muse Watson Walk Away From the Show?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Sonja FlemmingCBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Actor Muse Watson was part of the NCIS cast when playing Mike Franks on the CBS drama. But he walked away from the show. Why? Watson, of course, played the role of mentor to Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon. Still, the actor would leave the role that people who watched the show all the time knew him from on CBS.

‘NCIS’ Star Muse Watson Says Leaving Show Wasn’t His Idea

According to Watson, it was not his call upon leaving NCIS. It has to do with the show’s creative team. Back in 2012, a fan wrote him on Twitter about why he left. Watson says, “Because they wrote that i got stabbed by ONE young man with a [scalpel]. LOL ..and yes i was packing.” (sic) Yet it also is known that the actor wasn’t happy with how his story on the show ended.

In an interview with NCISfanatic, he says, “To be fair, I think in planning it, it sounded good, but the way it played out – I think Mike needed more. When you sum it up to a boy in the rain with a scalpel… it just wasn’t enough to get Mike.” On the show, Mike Franks was a retired Marine. He helped Gibbs early in his career. Before showing up in a two-parter Season 3 finale, viewers had only seen Franks in flashbacks. The Season 3 show was around Gibbs suffering amnesia from a terrorist attack bombing.

Mike Franks Ends Up Getting Stabbed To Death In Season 8

Then, Franks would show up leading to help with investigations after his retirement. Franks gets murdered in Season 8. We get more from Express. He did reveal on the show that he, as Mike Franks, had terminal lung cancer. The Port-to-Port serial killer Jonas Cobb, played by Kerr Smith, spent time targeting former Marines. He did go to Gibbs’ home.

Mike Franks stopped him before Cobb could attack Gibbs. During a scuffle, though, Cobb stabbed Mike in the chest and ran off. It killed Franks. Yet the actor would come back as Gibbs’ guardian angel in episodes of NCIS. His latest appearance reportedly was in 2017.

Fans of the longtime drama, which airs on Monday nights, have been getting used to not having Harmon on the show, either. Gary Cole has been playing a role that puts him as a team lead. He’s been on this season and doing quite well. These NCIS fans also would like to see Gibbs show up again. It’s not known if Harmon would want to do so. He’s still connected to it as an executive producer so he does have some input. Look for Cole to have an additional cast member pop up soon, too.