‘NCIS’: Who Is the Worst Villain on the Show?

by Anna Dunn

NCIS has been on TV for almost 20 years, so it’s amassed a massive amount of villains. But who is the most evil? A recent Reddit thread titled “Who is the most villany villain?” posed this very question, and fans had a ton to say.

The thread was created in the form of a poll, with two villains coming close to a tie while also being many votes ahead of any competition. The poll asked fellow fans to chose between Ari Haswari, Harper Dearing, Sergei Mishnev, PTP Killer (Jonas Cob), Pedro Hernandez, or to write down another option.

It looks like whoever wrote this poll knew these villains are definitely the worst of the worst, and fans agree. Only ten people out of the 452 people voted with “other.”

A massive chunk of those votes went to Ari Haswari a terrorist and double-agent turned assassin who happened to be Gibbs’ arch-nemesis as well as Harper Dearing, a terrorist who successfully blew up multiple navy ships and attacked the NCIS building, leaving multiple people dead or traumatized. However, Ari Haswari won out.

‘NCIS’ Fans Debated Whether Ari Haswari or Harper Dearing was Worse

“I have to say Harper Dearing is my favorite villain of all time. He was the first real bad guy when I started watching the show when I was little,” one fan wrote. “I would also have to say he’s the most successful villain throughout NCIS history.”

By successful, the fan definitely means he caused the most damage. Most agree. But others say that Ari may be the more evil of the two because he had a much greater impact, prolonging the pain he caused to the characters.

“I have to say Ari just because of the longevity of his villainess. (might have just invented a word there lol). Ari is still relevant to this day, with the whole Ziva storyline and all the other sub storyline throughout the series,” the fan wrote. “We really see how many pots his dirty hands were in.”

And while many debated between Harper and Ari, others wanted to mention another villain who wasn’t a part of the poll, Trent Kort, a former CIA operative and an enemy of Tony Dinnozo.

Everyone may have a different opinion, but Ari definitely won that poll. Haswari was introduced to the series so early on but still remains relevant even though he died at the end of season 3. NCIS has seriously proved that the powerful villains will still cause trouble even over a decade after their death.

The show is coming back for season 19 on Monday. After a long summer, fans are ecstatic to see the show return. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a villain worthy of this poll this year.