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Orlando Bloom Sees ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Crossover with ‘Jaws’ As Great White Shark Approaches Him While Paddle Boarding

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Pirates of The Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom got up close and personal with a great white shark while paddleboarding. Bloom and a friend were paddle boarding together when the juvenile shark swam up to them. Thankfully, like with most shark encounters, the pair wound up totally safe.

And while the video does look scary, the person who took the video of Orlando Bloom discussed why sharks are incredibly important.

“I’ve filmed many white shark & human encounters from above,” Videographer Carlos Guana wrote on Instagram. “The common characteristic I see in encounters is that both the humans and sharks are rather curious.”

But sharks, as we all know, get a notoriously bad reputation. You probably shouldn’t swim toward a fin if you see it in the water or anything, but they definitely are important creatures.

“Yes, there have been attacks in the past but if we spent more time showing just how often these sharks co-exist with us, we can start changing the perception of these beautiful creatures. Yes, it’s an apex predator, and yes we must be responsible in our interactions with them,” Guana continued. “But as I’ve said before, sharks can be scary, but they are nowhere near as scary as a world without sharks.”

Guana also noted that he got to spend plenty of time educating Orlando Bloom on great white sharks, which he loved doing.

“In the end, the real stars of the sea are the sharks. But having Legolas himself nearby. That’s pretty cool!” he wrote.

Bloom also shared a version of the video taken by Guana by giving a surprising shoutout to the fear he felt during the encounter and the videographer that captured the extremely rare encounter on tape.

“Paddle Boarding With Great Whites. When fear becomes your friend and @themalibuartist captures the moment.”

Orlando Bloom was Paddleboarding Next to a Vulnerable Species

When you think “Great White Shark” the word “Vulnerable” doesn’t typically come to mind, but that’s exactly what they are. Orlando Bloom wasn’t just paddleboarding next to something dangerous, but next to a species that’s also in danger. According to Oceana, Great white sharks are vulnerable to extinction.

Great White Sharks are often targeted by fisheries and sometimes wound up getting accidentally caught. This leaves their population vulnerable because the Great White Shark population is naturally pretty small. Great White Sharks are amongst some of the few shark species who’ve been involved in fatal attacks on humans, but instances of Great White Shark bites are very rare.

All this makes the sight of Orlando Bloom paddleboarding right next to the juvenile Great White even more incredible. The videographer was right; that video has two stars.