‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee and Corey Hilariously Reminisced Over ‘Favorite Childhood Game’ in New Episode

by Clayton Edwards

Viewers watch Pawn Stars week after week for several reasons. However, nostalgia is high on that list. The items that come into the iconic Gold & Silver Pawn Shop give the audience a look back at the good old days. Who doesn’t love seeing an item from their childhood on TV? Well, the guys behind the counter get nostalgic, too. In the latest episode, Corey and Chumlee look back at one of their favorite childhood games.

The official Pawn Stars Twitter account shared a clip from the latest episode of the show. In the clip, Corey walks into the office to find Chumlee trying his best to play a game of Pogs with himself. However, he isn’t doing too well. If you grew up in the 90s, seeing that stack of cardboard discs is probably taking you back to playing the game in school. If not, you might have the same question for Chumlee that Corey had when he walked in. “What are you doing?”

Chumlee explains that he’s trying to play a game of Pogs, and asks his buddy if he remembers the game. Corey says he remembers playing the game as a kid. However, you can tell he’s still a little confused by Chumlee’s attempt to resurrect the game.

Chumlee throws his slammer at the stack of Pogs and misses completely. Then, the heavy disc bounces off the desk and lands on the floor. In an attempt to explain away his massive fail, he says, “In school, I was the best, but I seem to have lost my touch.” Then, Corey makes everyone who is familiar with the game feel just a little older. “Yeah, but that was what? Twenty-five years ago?”

How Did the ‘Pawn Stars’ Team Get the Nostalgic Game?

“Where did you even get these things?” Corey asked. Then, with a hint of surprise in his voice, he asked, “They still exist?”

Chumlee said that he walked across the street to see if Steve had any in his shop. Then, he explained to his Pawn Stars partner that a customer brought some Pogs in and tried to sell them. “A complete set of Jurassic Park Pogs came into the shop. We couldn’t make a deal, but it got me thinking and reminiscing about the old times and how much fun I used to have gambling with Pogs on the playground.”

Then, Corey stepped up to the table to see if he was still any good at the game. He wasn’t great. However, he was good enough to give Chumlee a little ribbing about losing his skills.

It seems like that was enough to make Chumlee lose his enthusiasm for the childhood game. “Dude, shut up, this is a game you’re good at when you’re eleven.”

New episodes of Pawn Stars air every Saturday at 9/8c on the History Channel.