‘Pawn Stars’: Corey & Chumlee Once Struck Super Expensive Deal for These Extremely Rare Vintage Toys

by Clayton Edwards

Pawn Stars has been on the air for over 12 years. Over the course of that time, the show has produced 17 seasons and hundreds of episodes. People around the world tune in every week for several reasons. First and foremost, the staff of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas is knowledgeable and endlessly entertaining. At the same time, people from all around the world bring their treasures to the shop to try to get a decent payday.

Back in season 9, the Pawn Stars team bought a small lot of Marx tin toys. The company started producing tin toys in 1918 and continued to do so until the 80s. At one point, Marx dominated the toy market. Their well-made and affordable toys were especially popular during the Great Depression.

The customer, Pam, brought several Marx tin toys into the store. She said that they once belonged to her grandfather and she played with them as a child. However, she was looking to buy new toys for her own grandchildren. So, selling the Marx toys would be a huge help. She asked the Pawn Stars crew for $500.

Corey and Chumlee were almost immediately interested in the Marx toys. The small haul contained a tank, a Dick Tracy car, a fire engine, and a smaller car. However, Corey was worried that the toys were from an era when Marx Toys outsourced their work overseas. That would have made the $500 price tag much too high. Pawn Stars fans could probably tell what was about to happen. Corey, like his dad Rick, wanted to get those tin toys in front of an expert. Luckily, he was on his way to visit his toy expert pal when Pam walked in. So, they went to the toy shop together.

The Pawn Stars Crew Make Pam an Offer She Can’t Refuse

Corey, Chumlee, and Pam took the short trip to Toy Shack. They knew that the shop’s owner, Johnny Jimenez would know all about the tin toys that Pam wanted to sell. He didn’t disappoint. Johnny didn’t waste any time letting the Pawn Stars crew know that the toys were far from scrap metal.

He put the Pawn Stars crew’s minds at ease when he informed them that the toys looked like they were from the 50s. That meant that they were made in America. However, he noted some scratches, dents, and dings on the toys as well as a missing siren on one of them. As a result, Jimenez said that the whole lot was worth about $500.

Pawn Stars fans know that Gold & Silver Pawn Shop buys all manner of things, but they have to leave some meat on the bone. As a result, Corey couldn’t give Pam the whole $500. Instead, he offered her $350. Pam didn’t hesitate to accept the offer.